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J. G. Thompson Jr.

J. G. Thompson Jr.

(13th March 1910 - 1975)

Born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Inspired at age 12 watching Ed Reno. Learned from Gilbert Mysto Magic set and lessons from Charles Dietric. Banker in Middleburg, Penn. Amateur mental magician.

Coauthors: Ned Rutledge, Eddie Clever

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J. G. Thompson Jr.

T-Formation by J. G. Thompson Jr.J. G. Thompson, Jr's fabulous master-key to card control.

From the introduction by B. W. McCarron, "T-Formation (TF) is a monograph of card sleights that are not at all difficult for the average performer; yet they allow a nice range of performance possibilities. Forces, controls, peeks and even the versatile double lift are all given the 'Thompson treatment.' "

T-Formation teaches the average magician or mentalist an assortment of maneuvers with cards that are easy to execute but full of deceptiveness. In the author's words, T-Formation "enables the performer, with a minimum of effort, to perform...

2018 / 9 / 14

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Strongest Thought

J. G. Thompson Jr.

Strongest Thought by J. G. Thompson Jr.We're going to let the words of the immortal Robert A. Nelson describe this amazing psychic demonstration.

A volunteer assistant (not a confederate) hands out to any spectator of his choice, white cards and envelopes and the performer requests these persons to "write something." The spectators comply and seal their cards in the envelopes provided, after which they are gathered by the volunteer who passed them out. All this is perfectly fair, for the performer doesn't leave the stage at any time. The volunteer assistant takes care of everything.

After securing all the envelopes, the volunteer mixes them...

2018 / 6 / 6

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Futuristic Foursome

Eddie Clever & J. G. Thompson Jr.

Futuristic Foursome by Eddie Clever & J. G. Thompson Jr.Here are four mind-blowing card effects with a mental flavor. All are in keeping with the well-known ingenuity of these two artists. Every one of the effects is top notch. Magicians and mentalists everywhere raved about this collection when it was first released. Long out of print, this manuscript is now available to a new generation of performers.

Hallucination, Jr. (Clever) - The adventures of the card everyone is thinking about provides a baffling mystery and leaves the spectators talking to themselves in amazement, as the chosen card somehow leaves the table and materializes in the spectator's...

2018 / 3 / 4

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Sleight Intended

J. G. Thompson Jr.

Sleight Intended by J. G. Thompson Jr.From the foreword:
For years the pattern has been the same. A newcomer to magic invariably turns first to cards as a vehicle for mystification. He spends hours upon hours mastering difficult sleights and then, to his dismay, learns of the existence of easier and more effective maneuvers hidden away in magical literature - moves about which he could have no knowledge, but which would have made his previous struggles unnecessary, or, at least, eased them. Gradually he discards the results of many arduous hours of practice and substitutes the newly discovered and simplified versions until,...
2017 / 6 / 15

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The Living End

J. G. Thompson Jr.

The Living End by J. G. Thompson Jr.Over 200 different impromptu take-a-card trick endings.

From the introduction by John Braun:

He has definitely struck "pay dirt" in this book, which he has whimsically titled THE LIVING END. In simpler terms, this is an encyclopedic collection of endings for one of the most popular branches of Magic - the "take a card, look at a card, remember a card, think of a card, any card," opening.

Having completed this stage, the performer KNOWS either the identity of the card or its whereabouts in the pack, and sometimes he knows both. And, as John Northern Hilliard put it back in 1908 in DOWNS' ...

2017 / 1 / 13

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My Best

J. G. Thompson Jr.

My Best by J. G. Thompson Jr.This is a classic, a wonderful book now available as PDF. It contains the best of the best from 115 well-known professionals and clever amateurs. 193 tricks and routines from all branches of magic.
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Chapter I: Discoveries And Revelations
    • The Card Between
    • Cards Of Cairo
    • The Middle Deal
    • Dick Tracy Card Trick
    • Tap Force
    • Under Cover
    • As You Desire
    • So That's The Way You Want It!
    • Kindred Spirits
    • The Timed Turnover
    • Magneto-Box
    • The Kolar Card Trick
    • My Clutch Slips
    • Bill Mccaffrey's Prize Winner
    • Card On The Wall
    • Are You Sure?
    • The Principle Of Alternative Terminations ...
2017 / 1 / 2

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J. G. Thompson Jr.

Centermental by J. G. Thompson Jr.The origin of the center tear is unclear. Some say it was used by mediums for a long time before magicians found out about it. Theodore Annemann was the one who made it popular among mentalists. Others believe that Martin Sunshine invented it, who passed it on to Theodore H. Arnold who shared it with Annemann. Either way, the principle is one of the most powerful at the disposal of mentalists.

This ebook describes in detail the various phases from the steal, to reading the center as well as other applications and tips.

PDF 11 pages.

2012 / 11 / 13

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Between Two Minds

J. G. Thompson Jr. & Ned Rutledge

Between Two Minds by J. G. Thompson Jr. & Ned RutledgeThompson and Rutledge are two extraordinary creative mentalists who have created entertaining and incredibly deceptive mental routines. Thompson writes in the preface: "I've enjoyed the joint effort. It tended to point up a number of basic truths that I hadn't thought about for a long time...such as how different two people can be, and how much better an effect can be made if two minds work on it."

  • - Basic Glide Force
  • - Squaring With The Left Hand ...
2007 / 7 / 28

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