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(Benny) Ben Harris
Tweak Issue 1 (April 2024) by (Benny) Ben Harris

An occasional journal of magic and strange.

Jazzy, fun, and informative, Ben Harris' new digital journal is full of surprises and tweaks.

  • Learn a no-reel version of the amazing Leviosa.
  • Tweak a switch cup so it works twice without a reset.
  • Explore fantastic effects with gilded playing cards.
  • Tweak a classic Paul Curry effect with an additional 'discard pile,' making the impossible even more so.
  • Re-purpose your favorite 'Four Ace Production' as a mind-numbing gambling challenge.

Edited by Steve Shufton and illustrated by Ever Elizalde, Tweak looks and reads with ease and excitement.

1st edition 2024,...

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