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(USA: 19th August 1917 - 19th February 1986)

Inspired at age 9. Vice-president of the Blue Cross Insurance Company of New York. Talented and creative amateur magician. Invented Touch (by 1937), Curry Turnover Change (by 1940), Out of This World (by 1942), The Power of Thought (1947), and Open Prediction (late 1940s).

On March 12th 1977, the Academy of Magical Arts at The Magic Castle awarded Paul Curry a "Creative Fellowship" award.

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Magician's Magic by Paul Curry"Magician's Magic is an appropriate title for this ebook because the author, Paul Curry, is surely one of the world's best-known 'magician's magicians.'" The words are those of Martin Gardner, Scientific American's mathematical divertisements editor, himself a distinguished amateur magician and author.

"For some thirty years, Paul Curry has been inventing tricks and sleights of such beautiful simplicity that they have become standard items in the repertoire of close-up performers of magic throughout the world."

The performing of magic draws practitioners from every field - doctors, lawyers, actors,...

2018 / 5 / 12
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Paul Curry Presents by Paul CurryPaul Curry has achieved world wide fame in magic with his wonderful "Out of this World" effect. Many consider the original still the very best version, despite numerous variations that have been published over the decades. But Paul Curry was not a one trick pony. He came up with a number of great plots, effects, and card moves, most of which are included in this ebook.
  • First - a few apologies ...
  • The Problem Of Card 13
  • A Swindle Of Sorts
  • Mission Incredible
  • Houdini's Legacy
  • Missing Link
  • IOU
  • Cider!
  • Kissing Cards
  • The Drawback Double Lift
  • The Time Change
  • The Drawback Vanish
  • Turnabout
  • Don't...
2018 / 2 / 19
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Power of Concentration by Paul CurrySpectator merely thinks of a card. Two packs of cards are dealt face up simultaneously, and spectator discovers that the card he thought of is in the exact same position in both decks.

Based on an effect by Tom Bowyer who first conceived the intriguing idea of having two decks of cards dealt in unison for the purpose of arriving at a duplicate set of cards.

1st edition 1947, PDF 5 pages

2016 / 4 / 17
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Never In A Lifetime by Paul CurryAnother miraculous red-black trick from the inventor of Out Of This World.

A spectator shuffles both halves of a deck over and over - yet it is revealed that both halves are in the same red-black order!

Performed under the strictest conditions imaginable, and it works every time.

1st edition 1975, digital edition 2015, 5 pages.

2015 / 1 / 18
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Dopo la rivoluzionaria creazione da parte di Paul Curry di "Out of this world", egli stesso ne creò una versione sotto certi aspetti ancora più straordinaria dal titolo "never in a liftime" . Questa incredibile versione è quella che vi offriamo in questo ebook.

Vi sembrerà un po' lungo ma per apprezzare lo straordinario effetto che offrirete a vostri spettatori, è necessario descrivere nei dettagli l'

EFFETTO: L'artista propone un dimostrazione di controllo psichico tesa a provare, strettamente in forma di test, che esiste una misteriosa...

2013 / 3 / 12
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Out of this World by Paul CurryPaul Curry invented this effect when he was just 25 years old. It is one of the most well known and probably most often performed card effects today. A classic through and through. An incredibly strong effect paired with a most simple method. You can't find much better card tricks.

The effect as Curry describes it:

The performer shuffles a pack of cards and starts to deal them into two piles - the red cards in one pile, the blacks in the other. After a few cards have been dealt into each pile the deal is stopped and the performer explains that were he to continue to deal in this manner...
2009 / 3 / 19
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