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Magic School Volume 1
by Stephen Ablett

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Magic School Volume 1 by Stephen Ablett

This download video features several tricks that Stephen teaches to children in his magic workshops and in one-on-one magic lessons for adults. They are all simple to master and great for any beginner in magic.

Impossible Jigsaw: Puzzle pieces are eliminated until your left with just one, the missing piece of the jigsaw.

Two Into One: Two pieces of string merge into one long piece.

Combination: A random number is created by the spectator, which amazingly opens a sealed lock.

Domino: A row of dominos is made and the end two numbers match your prediction.

Straw Thru Straw: Two straws wrapped around each other, magically separate.

Stretchy: Hair Ties change places and pass through the spectators arm.

Static Straw: Make a straw mysteriously move using the powers of your mind!

Chap Stick: Two chap sticks pass through each other and turn around.

Computer Cards: The spectator thinks of a number, yet you can read their mind and tell them what they are thinking.

Calculated List: The spectator does a little math to chose a picture which you have already predicted.

Coin In Bottle: Make a coin penetrate a sealed bottle.

Balance: Balance a can on its edge, a belt of a hook and two forks on a glass.

Five Card Turnover: A clip is placed on the middle card but jumps when turned over.

Finger Thru Banknote: Your finger tears through a banknote, yet leaves it unharmed.

Mind Reading Card Trick: The spectator thinks of a card yet you know what their thinking.

Ring Tricks: A ring magically appears and then jumps from finger to finger.

Legs Thru Floor: Make a friends legs feel like there going through the floor.

Suspended Water: You can make water stay inside an upside down, open bottle.

Playing Cards Match: Eight picture cards mixed up, mysteriously find their partners.

Hidden Object: An object is hidden under 1 of 3 cups, yet you know where it is.

Endless Chain: A game with a chain is played where you win every time.

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1st edition 2014, length 2 hours 12 minutes.

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