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Magic School Volume 2
by Stephen Ablett

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Magic School Volume 2 by Stephen Ablett

This download video features tricks that Stephen teaches over a course of lessons, and are often used as a showcase piece in a talent show at the end of the course. They are all simple to master and great for any beginner in magic.

Guess Who: Characters are eliminated until your left with one, that matches your prediction.

Ten Card List: Using the card in the data folder, you can read a persons mind

Vanishing Me: Using the template found in the data folder, make a person vanish.

Grid Prediction: A random number is calculated which matches your prediction.

Unburstable Balloon: A needle is pushed into a balloon, but wont pop until you want it to.

Broken Skewer: A skewer is broken inside a towel, yet magically restores.

Key to the Ring: A key is hidden among others, yet you can find it through touch alone.

Light Heavy Boxes: Somehow lifting one box is heavier than lifting three.

Five Away Cards: A simple card trick where you find the chosen card, with multiple stages.

Spelling Bee: You are able to find all eight cards by simply spelling them out.

Coin Thru Hanky: A coin magically passes through a handkerchief.

Candy Sticks: You can make eight candy stick boxes balance on top of each other.

Pencil Thru Handkerchief: A pencil is poked through a handkerchief, yet leaves it unharmed.

Travelling Cash: Money moves from one pile to another pile invisibly through the air!

Out to Lunch: The stickman drawn on a signed business card mysteriously vanishes.

Hanky Thru Arm: A hanky is tied around the spectators hand, yet it passes straight through.

Safety Pin Thru Hanky: A pin is pushed and torn through a hanky, yet it is left unharmed.

Ralphs Trick: A picture vanishes from three cards and appears on the spectators card.

Rising Ring on Band: A ring rises upwards along an elastic band.

Banana Split: Using your telekinesis chop, you slice a banana in pieces, while still in the skin.

Magic Envelope: A card s torn to pieces, placed into the envelope, then magically restores.

Vanishing Coin: A coin is counted, seen and heard going into the hand, yet it has vanished.

Business Card Printer: Two cards are shown blank on both sides, then become printed.

Rope Thru Body: You are able to make a rope pass through the spectators body.

Ten Card Poker: A simple game of poker is played, but you somehow win every time.

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1st edition 2014, length 2 hours 11 minutes.

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