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Born Roger Timms in England in 1937, Mahadevananda came to India in 1969. Mahadevananda's interest in magic was sparked at the age of 9 and weekly postal lessons from the Boy's Magician's Club in England gave him the confidence to stage his first magic show at 11, in a disused horse stable at the back of his house. Performing magic continued during his stint at the RAF and during College. When he moved to India he decided to leave magic, and become a Sanyasi, metamorphosing Roger Timms to Swami Mahadevananda. However, he could be too long without magic and soon he decided to teach magic. His most prominent student is Junior Shankar. Mahadevananda performed mostly as table hopper which was completely unknown in his part of the country.

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The Magic of Mahadevananda by Mahadevananda

Excerpt from the introduction:

My real forte is, I think, being able to take a couple of standard effects and shove them together and get a bit of a different effect. I also enjoy reading old magazines on Magic and reviving some of the good things that have been covered in dust for years. Who said, if you want to keep an original idea secret, publish it in a magazine? Truly, many real gems can be unearthed by plowing through old books and magazines.

  • Introduction
  • This is the drink I want
  • Simplex Shower of Sweets
  • Do It In Their Hand
  • My Chop Cup Routine
  • No Chance
  • Magic Drinks Maker ...
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