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Mainly Close Up
by Paul Hallas


(1 customer rating) ★★★★

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Mainly Close Up by Paul Hallas

Mainly Close Up was Paul Hallas's first book published in 1979 and has been unavailable for around 30 years. Rather than just copy the book for an e-version it was re-typed and some corrections made and additional comments made from a 2013 perspective. Some of the original sketches have been left, others removed as not necessary and occasionally some photos added. Twenty seven ideas are described (though a couple will need patter updates) and it is perhaps Paul's most varied collection. As the title suggests, the book is mainly close up, and mostly cards, but also a couple of coin items, a stretching shoelace (rope in the original edition) a couple of things for smokers, a mutilated magazine and a packet trick for stage.

With 61 pages and over two dozen ideas you're bound to find something to spark your imagination.

1st edition 1979, 1st digital edition 2013, 61 pages.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Jekyll and Hyde Revisited
  3. The Surprise Deck
  4. Invisible Removal
  5. With A Little Bit of Magic
  6. A Silly Card Rise
  7. Miracle Square
  8. ESP Perhaps?
  9. ESC Card 1 and 2
  10. Colour Changing Cigarette
  11. One And One Makes One
  12. The Visible, Invisible, Penetrating Coin
  13. Chinese Colour Coin Transpo
  14. A Mutilated Magazine
  15. Jaws—The Trick
  16. The Vampire Strikes
  17. Girl Trouble
  18. 3-D Magic
  19. The Practice Pack
  20. Blank Account
  21. Stretchit
  22. That Crimp
  23. The Imaginary Aces
  24. Where Are The Ladies
  25. I Know Him From Somewhere
  26. A Couple Of Card Forces
  27. Negative Thinking
  28. Colourful Business
  29. End Word

word count: 27605 which is equivalent to 110 standard pages of text