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Paul Hallas

Paul Hallas was born in Huddersfield, England in 1956. He is a performer, creator and writer with over 16 books on magic and mentalism produced since 1979. He has released a number of packet effects, perhaps the most well known being "ESPecially Wild" and "Hare Raising Hats" along with several instructional DVD's.

Now resident in Ocala, FL, USA, Paul is available to lecture for your club or magical convention.


Coauthors: Chris Wardle

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Paul Hallas
Card Magic for the Enthusiast by Paul Hallas
"This is loaded with stuff that is both simple to do and deceptive (not to mention entertaining). Would I recommend this book? You betcha!" - Jim Canaday, The Magic Portal

"There's way more here than simply 28 tricks between two covers. There's an assemblage of original thoughts and methods from a consummate professional you can buy for a trifle." - Rick Carruth, The Magic Roadshow.

"In addition to killer tricks, Paul also provides his innovations and handlings of useful sleights, including Pinky Ovette, Center Double Control, and Simple Double Card Control. His essay Thoughts on Multiple...

★★★★★ $18
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Paul Hallas
Mind Pieces by Paul Hallas

Paul's first ebook in a while and his first on mental effects since Mentalism with Cards.

Effects included are:

In the Image of Jaks
A quicker version of an old Jaks routine with a couple of presentation options suggested. This is a great routine which has no explanation except that you must be psychic. Some jumbo ESP cards are mixed, some envelopes are mixed, the cards are placed in the envelopes while the performer is well away from the proceedings. The mentalist can now reveal the contents of the envelopes and possibly give information about the people who assisted.

Son of Cidentaquin
Another jumbo ESP...

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Paul Hallas
Inkubators by Paul Hallas

Blank pieces of paper become dollar bills then one of these becomes a $10 bill. There is also a bonus routine with a new take on the classic Twisting the Aces plot.

1st edition 2015, 4 pages.

★★★★★ $3
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Paul Hallas
Mentalism with Cards by Paul Hallas

Paul's highly thought of small print run hardcover book of 2012 now available as an ebook. 154 large pages, packed with information on the subject matter. Mainly focusing on playing cards but there are also chapters on ESP cards, number cards, alphabet cards, design decks etc.

Yes, some effects are fully described but the book is primarily a great reference source with discussion and recommendations of effects within the various categories of mentalism with cards.

Here are a few comments on the book...

"I'd be astonished if you didn't unearth some really terrific effects here that...

★★★★★ $38
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Paul Hallas
Mainly Close Up by Paul Hallas

Mainly Close Up was Paul Hallas's first book published in 1979 and has been unavailable for around 30 years. Rather than just copy the book for an e-version it was re-typed and some corrections made and additional comments made from a 2013 perspective. Some of the original sketches have been left, others removed as not necessary and occasionally some photos added. Twenty seven ideas are described (though a couple will need patter updates) and it is perhaps Paul's most varied collection. As the title suggests, the book is mainly close up, and mostly cards, but also a couple of coin items, a stretching...

★★★★ $10
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Paul Hallas
Mindful Mentalism Volume 2 by Paul Hallas

This time Paul casts his net further afield with contributions from several countries.

  • Introduction and Foreword
  • Hunter's Birthday Billets
  • Runes and Billet
  • Stepping Stones
  • Money Clip
  • The HH Cabaret Card Divination
  • Astral Journey
  • Doing Time
  • Ronaldo's SpecWriteR
  • Back To The Future
  • Happy and Sad
  • Surprising Mail
  • Your Choice, My Bet
  • The 3-Phase Routine
  • Colour In Mind
  • Think Of Any Card Supplement
  • Still Thinking Of A Gray Elephant
  • Dot's Quite Good
  • 52 Different Objects
  • With Thanks To Vernon and Derman
  • Dining Table Deception
  • If
  • Psychic Cafe
  • Colour Sense
  • Sunset
  • Karmic Connection ...
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Paul Hallas
Mindful Mentalism Volume 1 by Paul Hallas

A compilation of over twenty mental routines from U.K. sources, some well known names among them.

  • Stranded (Arthur Setterington and Paul Hallas)
  • Book Test Prompter (Eddie Burke)
  • Roger’s E.S.P. Prediction (Roger Curzon)
  • Blind Faith (Peter Duffie)
  • Symbolic Harmony (Ron and Nancy Spencer)
  • One For Ken (Barry Stevenson)
  • The Predictograph (Terry Liversidge)
  • Lucifer’s Lotto (Dan O'Donoghue)
  • Premon-notion (Jack Jansen)
  • A Letter From Australia (Peter Kane)
  • Con Text (Lewis Jones)
  • A Calculated Experiment (Paul Hallas)
  • Blind Date (Jim Cuthbert)
  • Zenner PK (Paul Hallas)
  • Another Cyclic Prediction (Paul Flory)
  • Eazy Peezy Book Test...
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Paul Hallas
Still Small, Still Deadly by Paul Hallas

A new 2020 edition of the sequel to Small But Deadly and a continuing exploration of packet tricks, their creators and the evolution of plots and methods, discussion and analysis of effects plus routines to add to your repertoires. If you loved the first book, then you'll love this one too. This new edition now has 212 letter sized, information packed pages. Includes updated chapters, new chapters and now 668 packet effects get mentioned throughout.

Includes effect contributions from:

★★★★ $25
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Chris Wardle & Paul Hallas
Beyond Svengali: applying the svengali principle to mentalism by Chris Wardle & Paul Hallas

Here, Chris Wardle explores the use of long and short cards (Svengali Deck style) for mental magic presentations. Whilst initially he gives some background to the Svengali deck and how to make and handle one, some routines use variants on the deck and several don't use playing cards at all. There are thirteen routines from Chris plus some additional commentary and a bonus routine from publisher Paul Hallas. Chances are after reading this you'll not think of the Svengali deck in the same way again.

Since the appearance of this booklet (his third) Chris authored Magic For Everyone (2006) and...

★★★★★ $12
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Paul Hallas
The Best of Alchemy Card Magic by Paul Hallas

Alchemy ran for a brief two years and was much loved by its subscribers. Appearing every two months it was also a unique magazine in that it was what is called a "house" magazine put out by not one magic dealer but two, Practical Magic and PH Marketing. There were no columnists, just tricks. There were 92 tricks described in just 12 issues.

Being a past editor of the magazine Paul has picked out what he thought were the best card contributions, nineteen in all. If you missed the magazine, you will find these effects worthy of your attention. For the most part, these are easy effects to do....

★★★★★ $10
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Paul Hallas
Basic, Basic Card Magic by Paul Hallas

Where to start and what's important.

This is a well thought out and compact introduction to card magic by Paul Hallas. He teaches you the most important sleights and tricks that go along with these sleights.

From the introduction:

If you learn a sleight, learn a trick to do with it. Don't learn moves you have no tricks for, what is the point? Better to know a few moves that you can do many effects with than many moves that you are not sure what to use for. Just like magicians have drawers full of tricks they never use why fill up your mind with moves (and waste time learning them)...

★★★★ $8
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Paul Hallas
Across the Void by Paul Hallas

An examination of the classic "Cards Across" effect which discusses and explains many methods and presentations from "thought of" cards traveling to "signed cards" or those with different colored backs. If you've used this effect, want to use it or need a great routine for your show, this is essential reading.


  • Introduction
  • Early Cards That Travel: Detailing and comments on methods by Robert-Houdin, Devant and Ponsin.
  • Cards Being 'Thought Of' Travel: Detailing Zen's method and variants, Paul Curry's variant, Henry Hardin's Kings Kards and Jacob Daley and Annemann's Acme Thought Card Pass.
  • Some Thought on Plot Variations
  • Selected Selections:...
★★★★ $18
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