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by David Devlin

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Manifestation by David Devlin

A couple of years ago David Devlin published an eBook titled, The Haunted. It was a collection of Bizarre Magick presentations that he likes to perform from time to time.

In this eBook, David has chosen to revisit a couple of effects from the original The Haunted eBook, and has updated them in such a way that they fit into a séance style presentation. The two effects are "Saucy Jack" and "Spirit Writing" (renamed "Connection"), but we assure you that this is not a simple "Cut & Paste" job. The two routines have been greatly expounded on. These two effects work nicely together, can be performed back-to-back, and in conjunction with other effects.

This eBook does not just explain the working of the effects. In this eBook you will find complete performance pieces that are beautiful, amazing, and terrifying all at the same time.

Saucy Jack: A bowl is placed on the table on top of a Ouija Board (provided). There is a candle on both sides of the table, and soft yet eerie music plays quietly in the background. Four blank slips of paper and four pens are given to the spectators. Each one is to write the name of a famous person from history, good or evil, on their slip, and fold it into quarters. Each spectator is to keep the name they have written a secret to everyone else, but especially to you! After the names have been written and the papers folded, the candles are lit and the other lights in the room are turned out. The light from the candles is all that illuminates the room.

The four slips of paper are placed in a row on the Ouija Board, and a spectator selects one of them. The three slips that were not chosen are dipped into the flame of a candle and set aflame. The burning slips are placed into the bowl where they burn completely.

The spectator opens the slip he chose and reads the name. Let's say it is, "Jack the Ripper"; an interesting name considering the occasion. A short summary of Jack's "career" is told to the audience. After which, the performer closes his eyes and asks if the spirit of Jack will come through. He commands the spirit to give a sign that he is in the room. After a moment, the performer's right hand begins to twitch and whispers inaudibly. The twitching increases and as if on its own it eventually picks up the bowl and dumps some of the ashes out onto the Ouija Board. The performer puts the bowl aside, and still with his eyes closed and still whispering to himself, smears the ashes all around the Ouija Board. Suddenly words appear on the board. They read:

Saucy Jack

Jack is in the room!

Connection: Two slates are shown front and back, and are seen to be blank on all sides. A spectator selects a slate for herself, and the other is wrapped up in a cloth.

A couple of books are brought to the table, and one is selected by the spectator. She opens the book and thinks of a word.

A piece of chalk is placed under the cloth of top of the slate. A second piece of chalk is given to the spectator who then writes the word she is thinking of on it. She shows her word to no one, but we will suppose the word is "Blood". The performer instructs her to say the word silently to herself. Have her do this over and over.

The cloth begins to move as if the chalk was writing something by itself. After a moment, the movement under the cloth stops, and the performer has her say the word out loud. As soon as she says her word, the cloth is unfolded, revealing the slate with the piece of chalk still on top of it. Though it has never been touched, was covered by the cloth, and was blank a moment ago, the slate has a single word written on it. That word is: BLOOD!

Oh, and the slates are ungimmicked.

1st edition 2015, 22 pages.
word count: 5535 which is equivalent to 22 standard pages of text