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by Sam Dalal


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Mantra by Sam Dalal
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Mantra continues where Swami left off with fascinating mix of traditional Indian magic and western style magic. Sam Dalal writes in his introduction:

...One of the reasons for the popularity of these magazines is that much of it is devoted to a branch of bizarre or geek magic, not normally covered in the regular magic publications....

I am delighted with the way Chris Wasshuber ( has produced this electronic version of the Swami and Mantra magazines. When Chris Wasshuber asked me just a few weeks ago if he could produce the magazines as an e-book for circulation through his, I was sceptical. I did not think the magazines could be converted into a legible and searchable e-book, because of the original format. I am very pleasantly surprised to see the final results. These editions of the magazine are as crisp and clear as the print editions, and combine a search facility that the print editions did not have. In fact when Chris sent me what he had done with them, I shelved my hard copy for the convenience of this fully searchable e-edition.

Warning: This publication reproduces some ancient Indian fakir stunts. They are only for your reading enjoyment. Do not do them at home! Do not under any circumstance whatsoever attempt to cut off your tongue, eat glass, swallow acid, walk on hot coals or glass, stick needles in any part of your body, or do anything that might cause yourself injury, harm or accident. The publisher of this digital reproduction assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries incurred during any performance, practice, or any sort of experimentation with the effects and ideas described within.

1st edition 1975-1977; reprinted 1997 by Kaufman; 118 pages.

    Issue 1

  • That Fellow Art Emerson (Kirk Stiles)
  • Oil and Water (Ed Marlo)
  • Dinner Gong Silk Production (Sam Dalal)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 2

  • Suit Yourself (Horace Bennett)
  • Evaw Niarb (Sam Dalal)
  • Dollar Duplicity (Art Emerson)
  • 20th C Misprint (Sam Dalal)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 3

  • Heart Beat (E. B. Surty)
  • Chuan's Absconding Queen (Tan Hock Chuan)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
    • By George
    • S.O.S.
    In Focus (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 4

  • Card in Crystal (Roy Fromer)
  • Knots Away (S. Alam)
  • Ripoff: A Number Quickie (Roy Fromer)
  • Touch and Take (Peter Warlock)

    Issue 5

  • Dice::ceptions (Stiles, Tenkai)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • Tenkai via Stern
  • Once Over (Kirk Stiles)
  • The Nightmare Rope (Art Emerson)

    Issue 6

  • Mind-Kaleido (Sam Dalal)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • Ghost in the Graveyard (Tom Fitzgerald)

    Issue 7

  • The Twist (George Blake)
  • The Absconding Queen Again (Tan Hock Chuan)
  • Eskow Aces (Prof. Seymour Eskow)
  • Anent Ripoff (Leslie May)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 8

  • What a Wonder: Kaprekar (Sam Dalal)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 9

  • Cinderella (Michele)
  • Give Me a Ring! (Terry Seabrooke)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • S.O.S. Triangle (E. W. Bud Morris)

    Issue 10

  • Clairvoyant Calculator (Martin Gardner)
  • Umgowa! (Milton Kort)
  • Through a Glass, Brightly (Art Emerson)

    Issue 11

  • A Block from the Wall of Jericho (Tom Fitzgerald)
  • Noitacol A (Sam Dalal)
  • Pseudo Graphology (Will Dexter)

    Issue 12 - The Grand Old Man of Indian Magic: S. D. Mukherjie

  • Star Test!
  • Fifty Years Later...
  • Two Deck Impromptu
  • Easy Miser's Dream
  • Project-ion
  • Easy Adder
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • Index to Volume 1
  • The Magic Scene = 1975

    Issue 13

  • Symbol Simon (Phil Goldstein)
  • Jadoo (E. B. Surty)
    • Bed of Nails
  • The Spectator Cuts to Locate Aces (Ed Marlo)

    Issue 14

  • One Rap for Yes; Two Raps for No! (Will Dexter)
  • "Well I Never" Again (Gautam Guha)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 15 - Tony Chaudhuri Issue

  • Chung Foo
  • Phantom Card
  • Marlo Quick 3-Way Using 4 Cards (J. K. Hartman)
  • Elmsley Count
  • Monte Carlo Monte
  • Colorincidentally
  • Houdini's Shoe (Tom Fitzgerald)

    Issue 16

  • E. S. Pairing (Leslie May)
  • Tile Deal (Doc Maxam)
  • Calculatrix (Martin Gardner)
  • Editorial Note: Electronic Add-A-Number Device (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 17

  • Lie Detector (Robert Schwarz)
  • God or Gollywog?
  • Jadoo (E. B. Surty)
    • Yogic Nail Thru Nose
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • Someeran's Publicity Bit

    Issue 18

  • Gnosis (Rabbi Samuel Gringras)
  • Stoned (Sam Dalal)
  • Jadoo (E. B. Surty)
    • Dracula's Ladder
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 19

  • Paper Linking Rings (George Blake)
  • Mindseye (Phil Goldstein)
  • Someeran's ESP-elling Bee

    Issue 20

  • Teddy Bears' Picnic (Ken De Courcy)
  • Jadoo (E. B. Surty)
    • Biting Thru a Nail
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
    • Colour-Vision Coin Box
    • Mental Die Miracle

    Issue 21

  • Alchemy for Seers Only (Sam Dalal)
  • Ash-Tounding (Art Emerson)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
    • Predicta-Flexagon
  • Pre-Symbolization (Leslie May)

    Issue 22

  • 13! (Subir Kr. Dhar)
  • Viva la Difference (Marlo, Chesbro, Dalal)
  • Twisting the Aces Again (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 23

  • Product-ion (Sam Dalal)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • Thumb Tell (Jack Bridwell)
  • Down the Tubes (Phil Goldstein)
  • Color-Voyance (Tan Hock Chuan)

    Issue 24

  • Card Trio (Claude Kenny)
    • One Up
    • A Rough Guess
    • Ask Bobby
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)
  • Peek & Tell (Sam Dalal)
  • Jadoo (E. B. Surty)
    • Blind Leap
    • Scar Face

    Issue 25

  • Mindburst (Jack Bridwell)
  • Someeran's Sexth Sense
  • Ring Release (Claude Kenny)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 26

  • Odd Story (Sam Dalal)
    • The Homework
    • Pascal and Permutations
    • Finitely Speaking
    • If Or But And
    • Fun & Games
    • Dressing Them Up
    • Giltedge Gambits and Absurd Odds

    Issue 27

  • Future Impressions (Sam Dalal)
  • Card in Wallet, Tony Griffith's Presentation of Arthur Carter's
  • Letter from Singapore: Napkin Rings (Tan Hock Chuan)
  • Climax Vision (Sam Dalal)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

    Issue 28

  • Pick One (Sam Dalal)
  • Four Aces, What Again? (Claude Kenny)
  • Vis-Purse (Jack Bridwell)
  • The Backyard (Sam Dalal)

word count: 102656 which is equivalent to 410 standard pages of text

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