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Mapping Miracles 2nd Edition
by Ralph Felder

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Mapping Miracles 2nd Edition by Ralph Felder
"Ralph Felder has created a meaningful read for those interested in all aspects of magic ..." - Randall Eller

"Ralph has created a great system for beginners and semi-professional magicians to evaluate their performances and improve on their craft. This book truly shines for those looking to make the transition into magic with the goal of becoming a professional ..." - Maxwell Blade

Author Ralph Felder, a Certified Quality Engineer, utilizes a scientific approach to magic which facilitates:
  • Application of creative and critical thinking concepts which can help you invent magic and assemble routines into successful magic acts.
  • Evaluation and adjustment of your show's content to identify and correct issues before your next engagement.
  • Use of the Quality Control concept Outcome-Based Evaluation which employs custom spread sheets to house and manipulate the information necessary to maximize your personal satisfaction and audience enjoyment of each performance.
Twenty fully-scripted routines with eighty-four total effects (tricks) written by the author are used to teach the various concepts.


  • Foreword
  • From the Author's Desk
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Focus on the Fundamentals
  • Chapter 2 - Resources and Methods for Learning
  • Chapter 3 - Creating a Quality Magic Act
  • Chapter 4 - Creativity and Magic
  • Curtain Call - Where Do We Go from Here?
  • About the Author
  • Lagniappe: Reflections
  • Appendix A: The Twenty Example Magic Routines
  • Appendix B: Magic in a Nut Shell
  • References
"...While Mr. Felder ably offers the nuts and bolts about how to be a successful magician, this is really a book about life. As a seasoned speaker of many years, I especially profited from the discussion about relating to the audience ... The Outcome-based Evaluation approach concerns not just effective magic but serves as a guide for any successful endeavor." - Dr. Jon M. Stubblefield

2nd edition 2018, 220 pages, illustrated by Tony Dunn.
word count: 64873 which is equivalent to 259 standard pages of text