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Marcus Gordon

Marcus Gordon

Marcus Gordon is 16 years old and from Aberdeen in Scotland. He first became interested in magic when his grandfather showed him some videos and taught him a few sleights. Since then Marcus has learned everything he can about magic, particularly close up card and coin magic. His magic is heavily influenced by magicians such as Roy Walton, Peter Duffie, Jerry Sadowitz, Gordon Bruce and Darwin Ortiz along with other card and coin workers.

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Marcus Gordon
Suit Up! by Marcus Gordon

Marcus Gordon hails from Aberdeen, Scotland. He is the grandson of Ron Gordon; a true Wizard of the North! This is Marcus's first publication and contains an eclectic collection of 12 card effects using both, sleight of hand and sleight-free principles. While not for the beginner, the intermediate to advanced card handler should find much to enjoy and think about in this ebook.


  • Triumphant Return: An in-the-hands Triumph for walk-a-bout
  • The Hoff: A direct approach to the Hofzinser Ace Problem
  • The Clockwork Shift: Learn a Pass that won't break your knuckles!
  • Complex Colours:...
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