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Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course
by Mark Lewis


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Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course by Mark Lewis

We truly believe this is the best hypnosis training in the industry. First produced in 1998 it is the original course that started off the plethora of hypnosis training that is prevalent nowadays and it is still the best information available.

Mark Lewis is a very experienced professional stage hypnotist who has performed his stunning show all over the world in Germany, Holland, UK, Ireland, Mexico, Canada and the United States. His information is the best in the business.

The course was first produced in VHS and audiocassette tapes, then later on DVD and CD format. And now for the first time here on this site it can be downloaded online for your viewing pleasure.

The course consists of three 90 minute videos and one 90 minute audio. Although each item is being sold separately it is highly recommended that everything is purchased as a package in order to learn how to become a stage hypnotist. Viewing one video or the audio on it's own out of context is not really the correct way to study the subject properly.

Having said this however, we can appreciate that some of you may like to get a taste of what is on offer before committing yourselves to the whole package. For this reason we are selling the individual components of the course separately. We do expect and hope that once you see the valuable information on offer that you will finally succumb and purchase the complete set either gradually bit by bit or the remaining items in their entirety.

If you do purchase the entire set we believe that a study plan is important. First, study the 90 minute audio. This terrific recording is the core of the entire course. You really need the videos too to get the full impact of the information but you could almost become a stage hypnotist with this information alone. But note the word "almost". As stated you do need the videos too.

After studying the audio, the DVDs should be viewed in sequential order. The first volume (Part 2) shows a mini seminar on hypnosis, the second shows a performance in progress with no instructional information, and the third shows another performance with a background instructional running commentary. The reason for watching Part 3 before Part 4 is that you really need to see a show without interruption (Part 3) before watching Part 4 which can be a bit confusing unless you have already seen the show in progress without the commentary.

Now here is a blow by blow description of the material. First the audio. As already explained, we believe that you could almost learn a hypnosis show from this recording alone. It covers how to start, how to practice hypnosis, how to rehearse, how to select the best subjects, waking suggestion tests, how to induce hypnosis and a large selection of routines you can use. The price is a mere $20 and is an incredible bargain because in some ways this audio is the most informative part of the course because of the quantity and quality of information provided.

And now for the videos. Part 2 is a very thorough overview of waking suggestion tests which are performed at the beginning of the show. These all occur before the actual hypnotic induction and are excellent entertainment in themselves even though nobody is actually hypnotised just yet. These tests also have the valuable purpose of conditioning people to react to suggestions and help in selecting the best possible subjects.

The recording consists of excerpts of an instructional seminar on stage hypnosis and two corporate shows in action. This is probably the most thorough description and explanation of waking suggestion tests ever produced on video. The price of this video download is $35.

Part 3 consists of two shows. One is a full show in an outdoor fair environment and the other consists of more excerpts of one of the corporate shows in Part 2. This video should be watched for entertainment only since there is no instruction of any kind depicted on it. The purpose of this recording is to amplify the information on the Audio recording and on Part 2. Another very important purpose, however, is for the viewer to understand the sequence of the show to make Part 4 easier to watch.

Part 4 consists of another full length show which takes place in a high school. There is a running commentary and interview in the background which instructs the viewer while the show is ongoing. It comments on things as they happens. This commentary is very valuable information which will assist the aspiring hypnosis student to gain profiency very quickly. We do not advise watching this video unless Volume Two is viewed first to accustom the viewer to the show sequence. Otherwise it will be hard to follow the show and the commentary at the same time. The price for this Video is also $35.

If you purchase the complete package as described above the investment will be a mere $99. And when we say "investment" we really mean it. A hypnotist can earn anywhere from $1000 to $5000 per show so $99 is a mere pittance in comparison. We know of many stage hypnotists who got their start from this course.

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