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Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 4
by Mark Lewis

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Mark Lewis Hypnosis Course, Part 4 by Mark Lewis
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[Please note that this is a four part course. If your intention is to become a stage hypnotist we strongly discourage you from only getting one or two parts. You will not get the full breadth and depth of information.]

This fourth part, a download DVD, shows again an entire hypnotism show (a different one than the one shown in Part 3) which takes place in a high school. There is a running commentary and interview in the background which instructs the viewer while the show is ongoing. This commentary is very valuable information which will assist the aspiring hypnosis student to gain profiency very quickly. We do not advise watching this video unless part three is viewed first to accustom the viewer to the show sequence. Otherwise it will be hard to follow the show and the commentary at the same time.

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