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Marked for Death
by Scott F. Guinn

#2 Balls, Eggs, Dice & Cups author

(7 customer ratings) ★★★

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Marked for Death by Scott F. Guinn

Scott has been holding this close to the vest for more than a decade. A small part of his do-it-yourself marked deck system was published in his long out of print book "Never Miss a Trick," but in this manuscript Scott gives you the full meal deal, explaining the entire system. Along with instructions on how to make up your own decks (in just minutes!), Scott gives you memory hooks to make learning the system as quick and painless as possible. Then he gets into the routines--and what routines they are! Killer routines that will slaughter your audience! Stuff that seems absolutely impossible and will leave them gasping for air in a heap! FOURTEEN routines ranging from mentalism to locations to gambling themes. All usable, doable, and powerful!

Level: Easy-Intermediate

"For those of you who use marked decks of any kind, you owe it to yourself to pick this up. Not only is Scott's marking system very easy and clever, his discussion on marking cards and different types of card backs will help you realize many variations & possibilities on marking cards and marked decks in general. If you don't work with marked decks, I would still suggest picking this up. His discussion on "natural one-way" principals of standard decks (along with some of the effects that use the one-way principle, like "Slaughter at the Border"), is worth the price of the E-Book. This is some great thinking and knowledge to add to your Magic Arsenal. This book is worth way more than the asking price and is absolutely worth adding to your library. Nice job Scott!" - Hank Morfin

""Marked for Death" is 10/10 + 10/10. The first 10/10 is for a top notch book with outstanding killer effects; the second 10/10 is for opening a whole new horizon in card magic by taking me away from my narrow thinking about card marking and being a catalyst for generating a load of new ideas & effects with different combinations and systems of card markings. This book is much more than a book with tricks using a marked deck." - George Marczewski

1st edition 2008; 66 pages.
word count: 20141 which is equivalent to 80 standard pages of text