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Mason Long

Mason Long

(Luray, Licking County, Ohio: 10th September 1842 - ?)

Both his parents died by the time he turned 10. He worked on a farm of a wealthy German as a slave. In 1862 joined the Union Army to fight in the Civil War. His brother was killed in the war. In the army, he learned to play cards, gamble, as well as cheat.

After coming to Fort Wayne, Long opened a restaurant and gambling house. Over a few years of ups and downs, he spiraled down into drunkenness and loss of money. Destitution made him give up drinking and he became a Christian. He wrote a book about his life's turnaround and made several evangelistic tours to promote his new-found faith. In later years he became a stockbroker and built a handsome house at 922 Columbia Ave.

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Mason Long
The Life of Mason Long the Converted Gambler by Mason Long

Being a record of his experience as a white slave; a soldier in the Union Army; a professional gambler; a patron of the turf; a variety theater and minstrel manager; and, finally, a convert to the Murphy Cause, and to the Gospel of Christ.

This book is an illustration of this paragraph by S.W. Erdnase:

Hazard at play carries sensations that once enjoyed are rarely forgotten. The winnings are known as "pretty money," and it is generally spent as freely as water. The average professional who is successful at his own game will, with the sublimest unconcern, stake his money on that of another's, though...

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