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Matt du Heaume

Matt du Heaume

Affectionately known as Rev by his friends, Matt has been interested in the art of magic since the age of ten. After the usual magic sets and dealer items, he decided to settle on close-up card magic as his 'thing' and these days focuses most of his creative energy towards devising new effects and handlings.

Matt has had many ideas published in MagicSeen magazine and enjoys nothing more than writing about magic and sharing it with the magic community.

He currently lives in Jersey, Channel Islands.

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Matt du Heaume
Card Ideas by Matt du Heaume

Five Impromptu card tricks with a regular deck. No hard sleights, no gaffs and no setups!

The Magic Number: A close-up version of the classic 'Six Card Repeat', with a killer ending they won't see coming.

Gone Figured: A super simple handling of a classic Larry Jennings effect. From a genuinely shuffled deck, a spectator locates a four-of-a-kind without the slightest idea how they did it.

Cheap Suit: The Four aces identify the suit of card chosen by process of elimination. The selection itself makes a surprising appearance. A great quickie for when someone hands you a deck.

PAC-MAAN: A prediction...

★★★★★ $7
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