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Magicseen: one year subscription
by Phil Shaw


(1 review, 38 customer ratings) ★★★★

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Magicseen: one year subscription by Phil Shaw

#2 in Magazines & Journals bestsellers
#2 in Magazines & Journals top-rated


  • FREE BONUS: Masterclass ebook the first 4 years (61 effects)
  • it entertains as well as instructs and informs
  • asks the questions the others do not
  • covers the offline as well as online world of magic (the coolest tricks to learn, the best websites to visit, the most amazing magic to see)
  • the magazine in which you'll read EVERY PAGE
  • full color printing
Masterclass 1

As your welcome gift you will receive the wonderful ebook Masterclass: the first four years. These are all the masterclasses from the first 24 issues. It includes 61 contributions from names such as Max Maven, Boris Wild, Rafael Benatar, David Stone, Aldo Colombini, Wayne Dobson, Jay Sankey, Mathieu Bich, Marc Paul, Trevor Lewis, Joshua Jay and so many more, and they have all provided a varied and interesting selection of material for you to enjoy. (See the full contents at the bottom of this description.)

Its unique lay-flat binding assures that you can open your printed issue flat on your table while your hands hold cards, coins or other props. It makes reading and studying effects from the magazine a lot more enjoyable. The binding is the most durable and long lasting glue binding in existence today. It costs us a lot to produce the magazine this way but we are convinced you will appreciate our high quality standards.

Magicseen appears six times a year (every other month) and typically runs 68 full color pages. A mixture of interviews, reports, technical articles on method and performance and the latest product reviews will keep you abreast of all the news and inside information you have been waiting for. Its Masterclass series of technical and methodical articles has already become legendary.

Please note that subscriptions will always start with the next issue, not the current issue. However, as a special bonus and as an appreciation for your subscription you will also have access to the current issue in its digital form. This means you can start reading Magicseen immediately.

Additionally subscribers will receive free bonus items such as sneak previews of unpublished magic books, free ebooks and other freebies.

When a new issue appears you will receive a notification email. You go to your digital shelf in your account and download the latest issue, or you use the online viewer to page through the issue. The digital version can be read on more or less all devices from PC and Mac to mobile readers such as Kindle, Nook, SonyReader, iPad, iPhone, Android based phones and tablets, etc. Printed issues will be mailed directly to you.

This only applies to the digital subscription. If after you have received the six issues you can honestly say that you did not get your money's worth we will issue a full refund. No other magic magazine offers this. We are convinced that you will receive a lot more than you are paying for.

Contents of Free Bonus Masterclass Ebook:

  • Fluke - Wayne Dobson
  • Moorea Straw - David Stone
  • The Turner Deck Production - Lawrence Turner
  • Totally Triumph - Joshua Jay
  • Prize Winner - Mark Leveridge
  • Topit Without A Topit - Alexander Allen
  • FU/FD Mix - Aldo Colombini
  • Great Minds Think Alike - Richard Blackie
  • Healing Hands - Harry Lucas
  • 3 Card Selection - David Siracusa
  • Hocus Pocus - Paul Gordon
  • Cap In Bottle - Rey Ben
  • The Happy Birthday Trick - Trevor Duffy
  • Stung Cards Outdone - Wolfgang Riebe
  • Missing A Nail - Ben Highway
  • Extra Sensitive - Wolfgang Moser
  • Symbolero - Max Maven
  • GLS Vanish - Lawrence Turner
  • The Stone Drop - David Stone
  • Colour Pom Poms - Richard Ballinger
  • Reverse You-Do-As-I-Do - Jack Stephens
  • The Amazing Stiff Rope - Magic Dave
  • Anybody For Nuts - Colin Underwood
  • Locked - Wayne Dobson
  • Invisible Coins - Henning Koehlert
  • Invisible Coins (stage version) - Harry Reeve
  • The Yes No Book - John Breeds
  • Anagramatic Mind - Kevin Gallagher
  • A Unique Gimmick - Alexandre Romanini
  • Colossal Card Memory - Sean Taylor
  • Right Or Left - Andrély
  • Swap In Hand - Seiji Otta
  • The Yin And The Yan - Antonio Romero
  • Tivoli's Bill Switch - Arthur Tivoli
  • The Haunted Bank Note - Cyril Harvey
  • Strike It Lucky - Richard Blackie
  • Double Personality II - Boris Wild
  • Dreamer's Choice - Aldo Colombini
  • Grandma's Purse - SeanTaylor
  • Your Lucky Number - Chris Wardle
  • The Erdnase Story - Woody Aragon
  • It Takes Guts Damn It Vanishing Deck- John Hotowka
  • Linking Rope Rings - Trevor Lewis
  • Check Mate - Mathieu Bich
  • ESP 3-Way - Ian Thomson
  • Right Between The Eyes - Rafael Benatar
  • Wife Swapping - Tim Ellis
  • Cheers - Camilo
  • Assembley - Jozsef Kovacs
  • Dollars And Sense - Jay Sankey
  • The Anytime, Anywhere On Anybody Drawing Duplication - Marc Paul
  • The 'Squeeze' Ring Off Cord - Mark Leveridge
  • Fry Them With Oil - And Water
  • Frozen Rodent - Max Maven
  • Rocket Card - David Stone
  • Coins And Card - Joachim Solberg
  • Surprise Prediction - Wolfgang Riebe
  • CO/MB - Jay Sankey
  • Sample - Roman Feli - 'Romi'
  • Vase of Flowers - Mike Stokes
  • Create A Duck - Mike Stokes

Reviewed by Fred Larochelle
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 08 November, 2013

Worth the money. I use the one year subscription to stay up to date on all things magic. Is very well written and comprehensive. Worth subscribing.