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Matthew Benjamin

Matthew Benjamin began performing mentalism at a very young age and soon began creating his own effects and methods to perform for his audiences. Over many years, Matthew has collected the best of his ideas and is starting to release them as eBooks and physical products for the magic community.

Focusing mainly on impromptu and the most direct methods of mentalsim, Matthew's thinking showcases his old school way of presentation with up-to-date methods.

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Matthew Benjamin
The Numerology Act by Matthew Benjamin

A complete stranger approaches you and requests for you to impress them. Armed with only a few scraps of paper and a pencil you proceed to perform a full Numerology Act for the stranger giving them several extremely accurate personality readings, revealing the name of a thought of person, when they met, and what they were wearing. You even predict the location they met!

For your grand finale, you prove that fate had brought them to you that day with a lightning-fast demonstration of mental acrobatics that relates only to them.

The act can be done completely impromptu or as a full show...

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