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Created: 11/22/2022
Updated: 11/22/2022

Max Maven's Inquisition

by Chris Wasshuber

Max Maven had an encyclopedic knowledge of magic's history. For me, this was always his most impressive skill. He showcased this skill in his Inquisition column in Genii which ran from April 2004 to June 2009. I created an online version of it using the more than 600 trivia questions. (This is, of course, done with permission.) You can check it out at Max Maven's Inquisition.

Part of the fun of these quizzes is that Max would often string questions together that were in some form related. Often the relation was found in the answers and many quizzes had a punchline or surprise as the last question.

You might ask how Max Maven acquired his encyclopedic knowledge of conjuring. To a large part by extensively reading old magic magazines. You can find and study a large selection of old magic magazines right here on If you want to try to achieve a Maven-esque level of knowledge - start reading!