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Max T. Oz

Max T. Oz

Max T. Oz is a sleight of hand artist who has used his skills to entertain audiences for 3 decades. Often performing on various pitches and festivals located on this planet, his skills have been honed through thousands of shows worldwide.

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Max T. Oz
3 Disk Monte by Max T. Oz

You will get both a PDF and a video (download from your digital shelf).

3 Disk Monte is a variation of the street hustle often played with cards. Three black face down disks, one with a white dot, are mixed. The spectator tries to guess which disk is the one with the white dot. The disks have increasingly gained popularity due to their visibility and handling. This PDF illustrates and describes the various sleights that can be used while performing this effect. Topics include the basics plus some of the more advanced moves that can be used.

  • The Disks
  • The Mat
  • Working Height
  • The...
★★★★ $15
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