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Medjid Kan Rezvani

Medjid Kan Rezvani

(Isfahan, Iran: 16th September 1900 - 1962).

School teacher. Semi-pro close-up. Moved to Paris. Famous for his cups-and-balls with tomatoes. BBC-TV bit in 1955. See Maurice Sardina, La magie du sorcier (1946), with English translation by Fitzkee as The Magic of Rezvani (1949, 89pp; repr 1973); and Sardina, Rezvanimagie (1949).

Coauthors: Michael Landes

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Medjid Kan Rezvani & Michael Landes
The Cushions of the Princess: or the tomato game by Medjid Kan Rezvani & Michael Landes

This is a translation and reformatting of Les Coussinets de la Princesse by Medjid K. Rezvani.

"... it was quite a surprise, a positive one, when I received a preview copy of the ebook of this wonderful booklet. Translated by Michael Landes, it provides a clear interpretation of the routine. The routine, itself, is called "les Coussinets de la Princesse" -- the little cushions of the princess -- and is also known as "The Tomato Trick." It's a nice piece of story magic, as well as a darn good trick. The book goes into how to construct the close-up mat, the construction of the "cushions," the...

★★★★★ $25
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