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Dariel Fitzkee

(14th May 1898 - 1977)

Born in Annawan, Illinois. Pen name of Dariel Fitzroy. Acoustical engineer in San Rafael, California. Semi-pro magician. Toured an unsuccessful full-evening show 1939-40. Reportedly dropped magic in disgust.

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Rings In Your Fingers by Dariel Fitzkee

A complete text on methods, mechanical devices, moves, techniques, figures, artifices, routines, etc., for performing one of the great classics in the repertoire of magic. It includes modern improvements, suggestions and ideas, together with routines eliminating the use of the key.



  • The Effect
  • The Presentation
  • The Fundamental Methods
  • The Apparatus
  • The Arrangement of the Rings


  • The Drop Count
  • The Pass Count
  • The Wrist Count
  • The Odin Count
  • The Fitzkee Count
  • A Variation of the Fitzkee Small Ring Count
  • The Fitzkee Large Ring Count
  • Another Original...
2018 / 11 / 29
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The Only Six Ways to Restore a Rope (Rope Eternal) by Dariel FitzkeeCreate your own custom versions of the popular cut and restored rope effect.

Dariel Fitzkee applied his world-renowned Trick Brain method to completely analyze and dissemble the Cut and Restored Rope effect into its basic components. Fitzkee's patient explanations and diagrams examine the six basic principles of all rope, cord and string effects, allowing the clever performer to pick and choose the methods that best fit his or her performing style to develop diabolically clever and unique rope routines.

Along the way, you'll learn the secrets to several past and present commercial rope effects that...

2018 / 1 / 23
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Jumbo Card Manipulation by Dariel FitzkeeIn this ebook Dariel Fitzkee translates a range of moves and sleights from regular sized cards to jumbo sized cards. You will be surprised how many moves can actually be done with jumbo cards.

1st edition 1929, PDF 31 pages; illustrated

  1. Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Giant Cards
  4. My Own Pass
  5. My Own Pass
  6. The Pack
  7. A Stripper Principle
  8. An Added Feature
  9. Two Reversing Ideas
  10. Handling The Giant Cards
  11. Shuffling Giant Cards
  12. The Riffle Shuffle
  13. A Reversing Principal
  14. Riffle Shuffle
  15. Springing The Cards
  16. Other Flourishes
  17. The Snap
  18. Other Sleights
  19. Another Pass
  20. The Screened Vanish
  21. To Regain Card
  22. The...
2009 / 6 / 11
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Linking Ring Manipulation by Dariel FitzkeeThis is an important work on linking rings. It includes Fitzkee's "The Oriental Rings" routine.

34 pages

  1. Contents
  2. Preface
  3. The Old Routine
  4. Methods Of Gaining Possession Of Concealed Key Ring
  5. The Box Method
  6. The Japanese Basket
  7. The Newspaper
  8. The Table
  9. The Handkerchief
  10. Other Concealments
  11. Body Concealment
  12. The Oriental Rings
  13. The Apparatus
  14. Preparation
  15. The Presentation
  16. The Wrist Count
  17. The Drop Count
  18. The Single Ring Count
  19. An Exchange
  20. A Namreh Solid Ring Move
  21. The Clash Link
  22. Key Steal
  23. Laurant's Clash
  24. Triple Chain Substitution
  25. To Remove The Center From The Triple Chain
  26. The...
2009 / 5 / 19
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The Trick Brain by Dariel FitzkeeThis is book two from Fitzkee's trilogy and is unlike any other book ever written on magic. It was the first book (and to my knowledge the only book) to attack magic methods from a scientific standpoint. Fitzkee develops here a classification of effects, from appearances to vanishes, and then describes a system to invent or develop new trick plots. This is an invention system. I would say it is one way to invent new trick plots. But even if you are not of the scientific sort, the classification and discussion of magic effects and methods is a tremendous resource to expand your horizon and think...
2006 / 8 / 12
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Magic by Misdirection by Dariel FitzkeeThis volume, book three in the trilogy, is all about the psychology in magic. Mechanics alone, a sleight or move, are not sufficient to produce a strong magic effect. Dexterity by itself is more like juggling. Only if misdirection, the psychological aspect of deception, is added into the mix, will one be able to create a truly magic experience.

There aren't many good works on misdirection. This is one of the must read ebooks, a classic in the theory of magic. A shorter but modern discussion of misdirection can be read in Pocket Power by Jarle Leirpoll.

    • Which is the cart and which is the horse ...
2006 / 8 / 11
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Showmanship for Magicians by Dariel FitzkeeDariel Fitzkee authored one of the best trilogies on magic theory. This volume, book one in the trilogy, primarily deals with theoretical aspects of a magic performance. This book has been cited numerous times and is one of the standard works every serious magician should read. Fitzkee has a very analytical mind and describes his thoughts clearly. As with any theory not everyone will agree with every detail and every suggestion. Regardless of if you fully subscribe to Fitzkee's thinking or not, there is plenty to learn from his writings.

Here is what others had to say about this book, when...

2006 / 8 / 10
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Contact Mind Reading Expanded by Dariel FitzkeeThe original edition of this book was selected among the best books of 1935 by John Mulholland, editor of The Sphinx. Contact mind reading or 'muscle reading' is probably the next best thing to genuine mind reading. It doesn't require any gimmicks, codes or confederates. It is based on involuntary subtle clues spectators give. This is one of the best texts ever written on this subject.

1st edition, 1935; expanded edition, 1945; 38 pages.

  1. Introduction. By C. A. George Newmann.
  2. Preface. By Dariel Fitzkee.
  3. Chapter One
  4. Chapter Two
  5. Chapter Three
  6. Chapter Four.
  7. Chapter Five
  8. Chapter Six
2005 / 9 / 10
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