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Mental Meanderings
by Collosini

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Mental Meanderings by Collosini

An ebook of clever mental magic. Here are some of the effects explained:

CLEARLY CHANCE - This is the usual effect, using a tray, but what a refreshing difference. The tray is made of transparent plastic (perspex). Three sealed envelopes are handed out to a spectator. The performer says that one of the envelopes contains a treasury note (e.g. £10) but the other two contain slips of paper only. The spectator mixes the envelopes and offers one of them to another nearby spectator. He then takes one himself and offers the remaining one to the performer. The performer places his down on a small perspex stand. Now the spectators are given a chance to exchange envelopes with the performer, and this they are at liberty to do if they so wish. The two spectators and the performer open all the envelopes. Inside they find a small, folded pay envelope. The performer's pay envelope is handed to someone for safe-keeping, and the spectators are asked to open theirs. The spectators' pay envelopes contain slips of paper with funny messages. Finally, the spectator holding the performer's pay envelope opens it for him. It is found to contain the treasury note.

COLORO - A spectator is handed three differently coloured silk handkerchiefs and asked to tie them in any order he likes. He holds them up so that everyone may see the order of the colours. The performer now draws attention to three envelopes that have been on display all the time. They are clearly numbered one, two and three. The envelopes are found to contain coloured lengths of ribbon, there being only one length of ribbon in each envelope. The order of colours in the envelopes is found to be the same as the order of the silk hankies as tied by the spectator.

SUPREME COINCIDENCE - The performer and an assistant both have a book of matches. Each discards a number of matches, but both finish up with the same number left in their books.

BOOK TEST: 50,000 TO ONE, SUCCESS - A dictionary containing about 50,000 words is handed to a spectator. He is also given a blank card. The performer then explains that the book, at any page at which it is opened, contains four columns of words on the double page and there are about thirty words in each column. Thus, the spectator has to write two numbers of his own choice on the card. The first number (1, 2, 3 or 4) selects the column number, and the second (one to thirty) selects the number of words down the chosen column. Now the card is turned face-down so that the mentalist cannot see these details, and now the page is selected. This is done by the spectator pushing his card into the book, which is closed at this stage. The book is now laid aside, in full view, while the performer makes his prediction of the chosen word, nobody knows the word yet, remember on a slate. This done a spectator is asked to run through the book quickly and to find the card (actually he may run through the book slowly if you like ... and make a thorough examination of it). Now the chosen word is found on the freely chosen page, in the freely chosen column and at the chosen number of words down the column is read out. The slate is now turned around and the prediction proves to be perfectly correct.

And ...

  • Billet Switching. New Methods
  • See Thru' E.S.P. Test
  • Vivens et Mortuus
  • Telephone Number Prediction

PDF 13 pages.
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