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Mentalism Bundle
by Abhirup Roy


(1 customer rating) ★★★★★

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Mentalism Bundle by Abhirup Roy

Effect 1: Impromptu Pin Guess

Imagine walking up to a random spectator and instantly reveal the PIN Code that they generated, moments back, without any funny business, the spectator never says or writes any digit of the pin code.

  • Totally impromptu pin Reveal.
  • A relevant plot, no pre-show involved.
  • Zero memory works
  • Spectator never says or writes any digit of the pin code
  • 100% correct all the time
  • Less memory work for spectator
  • Practical to perform
Effect 2: Impromptu Index

After a bit of chatting with your participant, you take the cards from the card case and hand it to your participant. They are to go through the deck and hand it back to you, which you eventually put in the card case. You let the participant hold it. (Here you provide the explanation that since they went through the cards they know which card is where based on their photographic memory, and this is an experiment to test it.) Now you say it was last evening that you took this deck and removed a card. You then ask your spectator to generate a random card in their mind and the card they name is the card that is missing from the deck, and it is inside your pocket. They can confirm by checking the deck.

  • Regular deck
  • Nothing to carry just your usual card deck
Effect 3: Openly Predicted

An envelope which is introduced even before you start the effect is in full view of the spectator and just one single card is inside the envelope. Proceed by handing the spectator a deck of cards which they can shuffle. Let the participant take the deck and deal the cards face up one at a time on to the table until they stop at a card, let's say the card that they stop at is the Jack of Clubs. It is a perfect match with the tabled prediction that was there for the entire time. A coincidence that will happen every single time even after shuffling a deck of cards and only one card is used as an open prediction.

  • Can be done with a regular deck
  • Gimmick-less
  • Perform impromptu
Effect 4: Beyond Heaven (Living-dead test + image files provided)

Before the show starts you hand your spectator a picture in a photo frame which is one half of a complete photo and an old newspaper article, which acts as a prediction. Then you hand the other spectator a stack of photos which were torn in half, and the spectator is asked to deal the photos on the table and based on his/her intuition they are to stop at any photo which in turn is the match for the prediction which can be later confirmed form a newspaper article.

  • Multiple methods taught
  • Impromptu
  • Does not include multiple outs
  • Customize to your own presentation style
  • An added kicker at the end
  • Brief Presentation included
  • Prediction can be read even before the effect starts
1st edition 2021; PDF 10 pages, video 24 min