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Mentalism Games
by Gerard Zitta

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Mentalism Games by Gerard Zitta

Finger games:

  • The 4 fingers game: Another method for "Equifinque" (Phil SMIFF)
  • Finger burn: Ask a spectator to show you any finger and put it over a candlelight or an invisible lighter. Your same finger will carry a blister.
  • Voodoo finger: A variation to give away your business card.
Card games:
  • Hold on to your card: An impossible IN SPECTATOR's HANDS transposition.
  • Magic mushrooms: A short-term-memory test where you show the same card to different spectators, and they forget it after showing them some psychedelic images!

    The two following sections describe an effect that looks really improvised and baffling even to Magicians: "I have a card in my pocket, what is it?"

  • Guess my card: The original approach (psychological and probabilistic)
  • Sure guess: My current method (100% sure and practical)
Heads or Tails: You place a business card under a beer mat.
  • H.O.T game: "I wrote HEADS or TAILS on this business card. Which one is it?"
  • Double H.O.T game: "I wrote HEADS on one side, and TAILS on the other side. Which side is up?" This is an interesting principle you can use for many other effects...
  • Wifi code: A little puzzle
  • The newspaper game: A simple and improvised quick trick where you predict (or divine) the total of 2 or 4 page numbers, freely selected by a spectator in any borrowed newspaper.
  • Monty Hall dilemma V2 + Bonus
Names games: An exclusive concept!
  • The names game: "Imagine you enter in a pub. There are a bunch of people you have never met before. You do not even know their names. I want you to try and guess some of them, and to find a specific stranger among the crowd!"
  • My name is Gerry: My method for the "Phil trick".
  • The Gerry's deck: My version of the Phil deck (for magic dealers...)
  • Last name: A method to replace expensive fonts and that will start your creative juices flowing!
Word, numbers, drawings games:
  • The letter pen pal: An old principle with a new twist!
  • The pen pal book test: An original idea for a book test.
  • Guess my secret: You write a secret on a business card, and the spectator has to guess it!
  • Guess my PIN code.

    The two following routines can be alternatives to "Think of anything in the world".

  • Guess my object: You put a quick sketch in your pocket. The spectator has to guess the object you were thinking of.
  • T.I.P: A variation where you predict the spectator's object. The prediction is in full view.

1st edition 2015, 110 pages.
word count: 22876 which is equivalent to 91 standard pages of text