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Merlyn T. Shute

(Canada: fl.1980s) Wrote Nine Modern Classics (1980), Nits ’N Bits (1980), Cups-Cups-Cups (1980), The 'How To' Book of the Chop Cup (1980, 32pp), Little Things (1982), Out of Your Pocket (1982), The 'How To' Book on the Zombie (1983), and How to Force a Card (1983). All the above published by Morrissey Magic.

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Merlyn T. Shute
Out of your Pocket by Merlyn T. Shute

This is an informative ebook for table-hoppers and folks who work or would like to work close-up magic venues: tips, advice, and routines.

Excerpt from the Foreword:

Why this book on restaurant magic? There are several reasons why any book is written - money, ego, sincere desire to pass on knowledge discovered or acquired. All are valid reasons and, being related to the author, are very personal.

But this book falls out of the ordinary since it was not the author's idea in the first place but resulted from the demands of friends. After the initial suggestions, however, the project unfolded...

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