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Out of your Pocket
by Merlyn T. Shute

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Out of your Pocket by Merlyn T. Shute

This is an informative ebook for table-hoppers and folks who work or would like to work close-up magic venues: tips, advice, and routines.

Excerpt from the Foreword:

Why this book on restaurant magic? There are several reasons why any book is written - money, ego, sincere desire to pass on knowledge discovered or acquired. All are valid reasons and, being related to the author, are very personal.

But this book falls out of the ordinary since it was not the author's idea in the first place but resulted from the demands of friends. After the initial suggestions, however, the project unfolded easily and pleasantly and I am content with the result.

One thing that pushed it along was a concensus that today's youth must develop their magic in a vastly different world of entertainment than in time past. The supply of entertainment is much greater today and, since there is a limit to the amount of money that is available to spend on entertainment the competition for it is very fierce. As a consequence the number of places that a newcomer can go to get on-the-job training or even the opportunity to watch and talk with good professional performers is, compared to previous eras, much more limited. We believe that there is a strong need for at least a guide to anyone who attempts to work in the dining room instead of the parlour and is the basic reason for this book.

We will proceed in three stages or sections. The first will be general guidelines for dealing with the employer and the audience. The second section will deal with the elements of an act and finally there will be a discussion on equipment and paraphernalia.

  • Forward
  • Getting Started
  • No! Mr. Manager
  • Getting On
  • Close Up
  • What A Name
  • How About Cards
  • Quick And Easy Pocket Chop
  • The Paddle
  • Sing For Your Supper
  • The Party
  • Just A String
  • Pockets And Servantes
  • Boxes, Tubes And Cases
  • Costumes
  • Wands

1st edition 1982, 49 pages; PDF 50 pages.
word count: 18069 which is equivalent to 72 standard pages of text