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Michael Gallo: The Dynasty Continues
by Michael Gallo

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Michael Gallo: The Dynasty Continues by Michael Gallo

Michael Gallo has developed some of the most memorable coin and close-up routines available. This download video proves it. This is mind-melting close-up, performed before an impromptu audience then taught by Mike Gallo in detail.

First up is Presto Change-o Mike-o. This is Mike's handling of Thomas H. Bearden's Presto Chango from Bobo's Modern Coin Magic, with superb Gallo additions.

Sherlock Mike's "Case of the Mysterious Penetration": This routine uses three silver coins, a card box, and a glass. Mike places the card box on top of the glass, proceeds to place a coin into one hand, which then penetrates through his hand, through the card box and into the glass. This is repeated until all coins are in the glass, or he also ends by giving a spectator two coins, and the third coin travels invisibly to the spectator's hand . . . which the spectator then drops one at a time into the glass.

Okito Gone Wild is a stunning Okito Box routine. An Okito box is shown, is picked up and rattled to hear coins inside. The lid is opened and 3 silver coins are dumped out, the lid is placed back on the box and set down on the mat. The 3 silver coins are picked up with the left hand, placed clearly into the right, the coins vanish from the right and again are dumped out of the Okito Box. This repeats. Mike tosses the silver coins into his right hand, and when he opens his hand, they are now all copper! The Okito box is rattled again, and the three silver coins are dumped out. Just when you think it's all over. Mike opens up the Okito box and dumps out 3 Chinese brass coins.

Jumpback is the name of Mike's coins across routine. Coins travel invisibly from one hand to the other. Mike utilizes the table for this coins across. At various times placing coins one at a time on the table. Some of the coins going across occur while his hand is flat on the table, and the coin appears under his hand with the other coins. The finale of this coins across has all the coins at once traveling back over to the original hand which is palm down on the close up mat.

Splitting the Silver is a very baffling routine. A silver dollar is held in spellbound position, Mike reaches over and splits the silver dollar into two half dollars. Mike holds one coin in each hand, and then puts them back into spellbound position. With a quick pass the coins fuse back into a silver dollar. Mike reaches over and splits the dollar into two halves again, and tosses the halves from hand to hand. Suddenly as Mike is tossing the halves from hand to hand they somehow change into four quarters in mid air!

Backfire Coins Through the Table: Four coins are on the table. One by one they penetrate the table, to end with a surprise kicker ending that is a Mike Gallo trademark.

Silent Mike Mora Mike is a rubber ball routine where the balls are continuously loaded into one hand, to jump to another, placed in the pockets, jump back to one hand, various combinations are done, with a clean ending of all 3 little balls fusing into a big rubber ball.

Cutting the Aces Plus: Mike cuts the four Aces, then repeats this exhibition. Then, the climaxes come fast and furious, leaving your audiences gasping with amazement. A blockbuster closer to any close-up act that almost works itself.

This is Mike Gallo's favorite video of his quite substantial works. He will fool you and fool you badly . . . and you will love learning and performing these routines.

length 1h

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