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Michael Johns

Michael Johns

Michael Johns is one of the countries top comedy hypnotists, and has headlined his own show on the Las Vegas strip since 1999. Michael is a national comedy club entertainment veteran and has been featured at comedy clubs and corporate events throughout the world.

Coauthors: Richard K. Nongard

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Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard
The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets by Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

So you want to be a great stage show hypnotist? This educational text takes you through the development of a stage show step-by-step and discusses what you need to know and do - how, why and when - to create a successful hypnotic experience.

Have you ever wanted to know...

  • The secret to why stage hypnosis will work for you - every time?
  • The secret to doing a pre-talk that will fill your stage with volunteers?
  • The secret structure of the Michael Johns Las Vegas Stage Induction?
  • The secret to pushing your show to the limit - and not getting sued?
  • The secret to deepening your subjects...
★★★★★ $25
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