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Richard K. Nongard

Richard K. Nongard

Richard K. Nongard is a Las Vegas insider and hypnotherapist to the Las Vegas Stars! Richard is known throughout the world for his unique insights and innovative teaching strategies, and is the proud recipient of the 2007 NGH - National Guild of Hypnotists - "Hypnotism Achievement Award". He has authored many textbooks and training DVD's on both clinical and stage hypnosis.

Coauthors: Michael Johns

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Richard K. Nongard

Inductions and Deepeners by Richard K. NongardStyles and Approaches for Effective Hypnosis. Everything you need to know to make induction into trance deep and easy!

This educational text is packed with detailed explanations of script examples - from actual live sessions - demonstrating inductions and deepeners that produce powerful hypnotic phenomena and trance, for use with both adults and children.

  • Hypnotic language - what words to use and avoid for success
  • How to combine inductions and deepeners for greater efficacy
  • Choosing approaches, developing style and building confidence
  • Why and how to use rapid inductions
  • Progressive...
2008 / 2 / 2

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Michael Johns & Richard K. Nongard

The Little Black Book of Stage Hypnosis Secrets by Michael Johns & Richard K. NongardSo you want to be a great stage show hypnotist? This educational text takes you through the development of a stage show step-by-step and discusses what you need to know and do - how, why and when - to create a successful hypnotic experience.

Have you ever wanted to know...

  • The secret to why stage hypnosis will work for you - every time?
  • The secret to doing a pre-talk that will fill your stage with volunteers?
  • The secret structure of the Michael Johns Las Vegas Stage Induction?
  • The secret to pushing your show to the limit - and not getting sued?
  • The secret to deepening your subjects...
2008 / 2 / 2

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