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Mind Spark 5: Decomuno
by Unknown Mentalist

#3 Mentalism & Spiritism author
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Mind Spark 5: Decomuno by Unknown Mentalist

Using just a few double blank business cards and a very old principle in a devastating manner, this routine creates the illusion of real mind reading. Several audience members write the names, relationships and dates of birth of their loved ones on several unprepared and unmarked business cards. All these are then gathered writing side down and mixed up. And yet the performer is able to divine all those details of loved ones of anyone of those who wrote the details. Not only that, the performer can even repeat this feat with any of the other participants too.

Although this principle is totally self working, just a few minutes of practice is all you will need to get this down fast and smooth for live performances. And yet, there are no sleights, no preshow and no stooges. The blank business cards are ungimmicked and unmarked. Even borrowed business cards can be used. There is no math, no anagrams and no cribs needed to perform this.

Mostly suitable for closeup and parlor, this can be easily adapted for stage with just a little imagination.

Along with the main routine, several bonus ideas for adding phases to the main routine are also included.

1st edition 2017, 11 pages.
word count: 2510 which is equivalent to 10 standard pages of text