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by Paul A. Lelekis


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Killerz! by Paul A. Lelekis

Do you want to slay your spectators and fellow magicians with ruthless efficiency? Here are seven fantastic effects that are clean, easy to do, and will "drop-jaws"!

There are 6 card effects and a bonus coin effect that will absolutely endear your audience. Very special!

Included, are photos and three videos for complete explanation of every move. Included in this e-book:

The INTRODUCTION is a study of "performance and magic etiquette" among magicians...some great insights.

ANOTHER POINT OF DEPARTURE - Paul's clever take on a classic of magic by Alex Elmsley. Learn a very little known secret of misdirection by Michael Skinner that will take you to the epitome of professionalism...even seasoned pros will be fooled. This method is cleaner, more direct, and easier to do.

EIODOLON is a mind-blower. A card is selected from a blue back deck and laid on the table. A brand new red-backed deck is opened (cellophane and all) and spread to show one card is missing. It is the same value as the selected card...but when the selection is turned over - it also has a red back!

DELAYED MENTAL SCALES - Is Paul's updated version of a classic double-revelation effect that just seems impossible. The spectator thinks of a number and then selects a card. She places the cards together herself while the performer's back is turned...and yet, the magician knows the exact number she is thinking of. Then she cuts to her own selection. This is a bit of mentalism that will blow everyone's mind. You're going to love this effect....and it is so easy to do. This, too, is a magician-fooler.

M-M-MIRACLE! - The deck is cut in two by the spectator. A card is selected and that card is placed, face-up into one of the two packets. With no moves...that face-up selection, instantly flies face up, into the other packet. A stunner! Spread the packet to show that the card has really vanished.

THE PHANTOM CARD - The selection is placed into the middle of the deck. The four Jacks are displayed and placed, face-up onto the deck. Do your magic and the face-down selection is found in the middle of the four face-up Jacks. You will learn a very, very cool subtlety that will "up your game" and make your magic even more believable with many effects.

THE QUEENS HAVE RISEN - Do you want to fool your fellow magicians with a really cool trick? This is it. Place the four Queens into the middle of the deck. You place the deck passes, no cuts, no nothing. Do this with a borrowed deck. Snap your fingers and all four Queens are back on top of the deck. This is a magician-fooler! Watch your buddies dive for the deck.

SUPERB BONUS COIN EFFECT! This is a very little-known effect by Michael Ammar that not only engages the spectators, but will "tug at their heart-strings." Complete patter is included from start to finish. This effect is so easy to do and uses only four coins...but the patter will really win your spectators over. You will be applauded every time you perform this effect because of the beautiful story line. I guarantee that you will perform this piece of theater, every chance you get...and why? Because your spectators will love you for it...and it's very easy to do!

1st edition 2017, 23 pages + videos

Reviewed by Michael Lyth (confirmed purchase)
★★★★★   Date Added: Monday 09 October, 2017

All the other revues cover all the best bits with 100% accuracy, but lets remember 7 effects for a small cost and any one new to the author will not be disappointing.

Reviewed by Christopher Weber
★★★★★   Date Added: Friday 29 September, 2017

Killerz! by Paul Lelekis is a terrific collection of effects that you’ll enjoy performing and they will entertain your audience. As with all of Paul’s publications, don’t overlook the Introduction. Here is a wealth of information on performance and magic etiquette that alone is worth the price of the book. Paul explores topics such as the importance of practice, patter, presentation and putting it all together. He reminds us that how you make the spectator feel is of primary importance. Throughout this book Paul has streamlined moves to enable you to concentrate on presentation and interaction with your audience. The moves are all very clearly explained and Killerz! Includes three video attachments to help with learning some of the moves that you might not be so familiar with. I particularly enjoyed working through “Another Point of Departure”, “The Phantom Card”, and “The Queens Have Risen”. I’m sure you’ll enjoy these as well as the other effects in this collection too. The Bonus Coin effect is a terrific study in the importance of great story telling patter. You’ll love it. Thanks Paul for another winner!

Reviewed by Roy Eidem
★★★★★   Date Added: Thursday 28 September, 2017

Paul Lelekis is a thinking man's, full-time close up worker who makes his living entertaining in the real world. His knowledge & insight into creating magical moments is based upon his thinking & knowledge of entertaining magic for paying audiences. Always money well spent!

Reviewed by Enrico Varella
★★★★★   Date Added: Wednesday 27 September, 2017

Paul’s new book KILLERZ does just that: Slay your audiences with many moments of ‘Wow’! He has a knack for choosing effects that hit between the eyes, and where audiences may enjoy a good whack on the side of their heads. His effects can fool both laypeople and magicians. The reader will realize how to reset their sights, aim high, lock on, load, and shoot to thrill: Aim for the magical moments that matter – through the magician’s ability to amaze and wow his audience. Paul makes mild creative shifts to well-known effects, whilst allowing us to carve our personal marks on each plot. That is, to make our audiences feel good about our magic. As a fan of Alex Elmsley, I enjoyed ‘Another Point of Departure’ with Paul’s ‘Push Off Switch’ (accompanying video). Also, I enjoyed the simplicity and interactivity of ‘The Queens Have Risen’. Do read his Introduction – as always a nugget of performance wisdom.

Reviewed by Rick Carruth
★★★★★   Date Added: Tuesday 26 September, 2017

You can't keep a good man down.. Even the fury of Irma couldn't keep Paul from publishing another inspiring ebook. This one.. KILLERZ!.. consist of seven well-planned effects, ( six card effects and one excellent coin effect) some inspired by several of the giants of magic. Paul has a unique way of taking an already strong effect and making it stronger with a couple of well-thought-out changes.. sometimes actually simplifying the effect while retaining the original appeal. Look for effects inspired by Alex Elmsley, Michael Skinner, Michael Ammar, Dan Tong and Ned Rutledge.

Paul has included videos and pictures to help explain the finer points. He also references previous works to draw from special sleights that make the effects easier. Two of the effects are partially 'inspired' by the Ambitious Card effect, which in an act of disclosure I have to admit is one of my favorite effects. Anything that gives me a different version or new insight always peaks my interest. And one effect is a take on an Ammar coin effect that can be performed by almost anyone with a little practice. This is all good stuff