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MindCraft: Perceptions
by Bill Dekel


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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MindCraft: Perceptions by Bill Dekel

A collection of effects that deal directly with thoughts. Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your thoughts, divine birthdays, scam bar mates, use two different cold reading presentations, make your spectator see words they never saw, verbally force cards in seconds, psychologically force thoughts, bend the wills of an audience; let your spectator read your mind, another spectators mind, or even speak life into being.

  • Part 1: Hacking the Mind
    • Thought Dueling: Duel a spectator with your thoughts, and get them right!
    • Let's Make a Deal: A mathematical bar scam.
    • Birthday's Rock: Discovering a spectator's Birthday through an elaborate process where in she never writes or names either the month or day she was born on.
    • On Thin Ice: A powerful reading system that deals primarily with a client's subconscious.
    • Gone: Via your hypnotic influence; make a spectator think of a word that was never there.
    • Black: A true think a card. Nothing is ever consciously spoken or acknowledged by your spectator. Not surefire, but when it works, it bloody kills.
    • Invisible Book Test: You predict a word a spectator will think of. They open an invisible book to any page, remember any word on the page, and you were right.
  • Part 2: Bending the Will
    • The Fair: Equivoque at its finest.
    • Prime: A psychological word forcing principle with a near 100% hit rate.
    • Colors: Your spectator thinks of a color, then a planet. You read their mind.
    • In Spirit: A spectator freely chooses a fruit in their mind. You both examine it, then you name it.
    • Mental Epic: One ahead with Prime.
    • Intuitional Power: Slip a ring on the finger of a spectator and give them the power of intuition.
    • Thought Catcher: A blank index card catches their thought.
    • Other Languages: Adaptations for Spanish, Italian or German speakers.
    • (In)Visible Book Test: Impromptu book test on the fly and some ideas.
    • Hive Mentality: Bend the wills of even the largest of audiences to your own.
    • Prime Cards: Catch, identify, and name random thoughts your spectators have during your show.
    • Tossed out Thought: Tossed out deck; with words, from the brilliant mind of Ran Pink.
    • Drawing Duplication: An impromptu drawing duplication.
    • Thought Dueling: Stand back to back in a thought face off. This version uses Prime.
    • Realizer: Give your spectator the chance to be a god, just for a moment, and create life by a mere breath, a single word.
    • PK Time: Your spectator just thinks of a time. No words are spoken. You bring your watch into view.
    • Psychological Card Force: A psychological card force using Prime, with an incredible hit rate.
    • Prime Reading: A powerful cold reading presentation.
    • Other Forces: Still other words you can force with prime.
    • Beautiful Miracle: A spectator thinks of a month. You spin around a ring on your finger to reveal that month's birthstone. A beautiful memory is created.
    • World Traveling: Take your spectator on a global adventure that exists only in their mind.
  • Part 3: Notes

1st edition 2010; 67 pages.
word count: 11775 which is equivalent to 47 standard pages of text