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Mini Breadboard Breakout kit
by miniTesla

Mini Breadboard Breakout kit by miniTesla

A breakout board for a mini breadboard with 170 tie points, and 34 distinct connection groups (1-17 A and B). This is very convenient to connect integrated circuits or any other electrical component which you cannot directly clamp into the spring contacts but which fits into a breadboard.

This kit requires soldering. To solder the mini breadboard onto the PCB, first, remove the adhesive backing from the mini breadboard. Put the breadboard upside down on the table so that the exposed contact rows on the back are visible. Place the PCB with the central opening over the breadboard. Align the contact rows with the edge contacts on the PCB. Use a strip of tape to hold everything in position. Then solder.

If you prefer the already soldered version please see the Mini Breadboard Breakout sub-board.