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8-pin DIP by miniTesla

Some of the most popular chips come in 8-pin, arranged as 2 rows of 4 pins, DIP packaging. Think about the famous 555 timer chip or dual-operational amplifiers such as the LM358. You can also find comparators (LM393) and audio amplifiers (LM386). You can put two optocouplers PC817 into the socket. Some microcontrollers such as the ATtiny85 also fit.

You are not limited to only inserting integrated circuits. If you do not want to bend the leads of a transistor you can put it into this socket. In fact, there is space for two transistors.

It is a very handy socket, and if you have larger...

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Raspberry Pi GPIO sub-board by miniTesla

The Raspberry PI GPIO board is the most convenient way to directly connect to an RPi, either by plugging the RPi GPIO header directly into the sub-board or by using an extension cable. An extension cable is necessary to connect a Raspberry Pi 400.

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Spring Contact (Package of 20) by miniTesla

These are the crucial miniTesla spring contacts. They are the connecting elements that allow mechanical as well as electrical connection of electric components. This package includes 20 of them.

They are inserted in 5 mm holes of pegboards about 1/8" (~3 mm) thick. They can be inserted and removed with your fingers but a better removal tool is a 1.75 mm (No. 0) crochet hook. Please refer to the manual for details.

To clamp wires use your fingers or our compression tool.

These spring contacts also fit perfectly into half-height (thin) Lego technic beams. One can construct a little pegboard purely from thin Lego...

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Displaying 1 to 3 (of 3 products)