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Miss Amber's Psychic Message
by Mystic Alexandre

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Miss Amber's Psychic Message by Mystic Alexandre

This is a casual, mysterious presentation, as you'll meet someone, engage in conversation, then suddenly pause, as if connecting on a mysterious, metaphysical level.

What happened is you met a traveling psychic named Miss Amber, and she gave you something, a "gift" to be delivered, an audio message, with the clear instruction to give this to someone you'll meet with in the near future, who you feel, on a metaphysical level, this "gift" is intended for.

You will get their contact info, which is valuable for working performers or readers, and you send them this "gift" reading, which will cause them to remember you and your extraordinary encounter. Plus, you get their contact info.

Two audio files come with this. Both contain the same content, but with a different vibe. You'll choose the one you prefer to use and carry it on your phone or email, so at the spur of the moment, and once you receive the subject's contact information, you will send it to them. One file is 7.9 MB, the other 9.1. Again, you will choose which one to use based on your taste. You'll also receive a short PDF with instructions. This will require a believable delivery on your part for maximum effectiveness.

Different. Effective. Easy. And fun!

1st edition 2023, PDF 3 pages + 2 audio files 4 min each.
word count: 729 which is equivalent to 2 standard pages of text

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