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Modern American Bidding
by Eric Kokish & Beverly Kraft

Modern American Bidding by Eric Kokish & Beverly Kraft

Eric Kokish and Beverly Kraft, two of the world's leading bidding theoreticians, writers, teachers and international coaches, with impressive playing credentials, present a cohesive system with treatments aimed at improving constructive Standard American bidding based on their version of the Two over One system.

Based on mainstream American methods (strong notrumps, five-card majors), Kokish-Kraft cover all areas of uncontested bidding and show you how to apply the agreements and treatments that comprise their version of modern Two over One. They offer solutions to difficult and subtle problems and show you how to approach situations that you may not have encountered before.

The software consists of 200 prepared deals, which the user bids as South. The bids selected are evaluated and commented upon; if your PC has a sound card and speakers you can hear the explanations of the presenters; otherwise, they are shown as text on the screen. After the bidding, you may play the hand.

The material is aimed at a player with some experience and a certain comfort level with the auction. As you work through the deals of each chapter, making choices at each turn, you will receive information to help you develop the auction to a satisfactory result. Comments on your bids and detailed explanations at the conclusion of each deal should put the issues in perspective and advance the user's analytical skills.

Among the many topics covered are: minor suit(s) facing balanced openers; Smolen, Jacoby and Texas transfers; Inverted minor raises; developments after two-over-one responses; semi-forcing 1NT responses; third- and foruth-suit auctions; controls and long suit responses to 2 Clubs; improved continuations after opener's balanced rebids; bidding after a reverse; improved Drury continuations.

System requirements:
PC with Windows operating system, CD ROM drive, at least 800x600 screen resolution, 20 MB free hard disk space if sound files are not installed (requires CD-ROM to be in computer when running) or 500 MB free disk space if sound files are copied onto hard disk.