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Moments: close-up magic with cards and coins
by Peter D. Harrison


(3 customer ratings) ★★★★★

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Moments: close-up magic with cards and coins by Peter D. Harrison

18 close-up card and coin effects plus extras taught. Over 145 pages of in-depth instructions with colour photographs. First in a series of new ebooks.

Some praise for effects included in Moments:

"Peter is the real deal. Buy everything this man sells!" – Justin Miller

"All I can say is Wow!"Cameron Francis

"Not that I need say it but this is GENIUS!! Thank you Peter!!" – Ben Williams

"A must have! Amazing!"Alan Rorrison

"BUY THIS! Very clever…" – Cody S Fisher

"Peter is a creator who totally gets it. Doesn't get any better than this."Josh Zandman


Catalyst Got Your Tongue? - Impossible, elegant, impromptu two-card transposition.

I Hate Self-Workers - The spectator puts cards anywhere they want and still locates and separates the aces and kings under impossible conditions.

Connected - The spectator rips a card into four pieces. The magicians takes three of these pieces and they vanish. The spectator is asked to check their wallet and finds the three pieces fully-restored, except for the last piece that is missing, which they still have.

Strangest Card - A signed prediction card is revealed not only to correctly identify the spectator's selection, but it IS their signed selection!

Strangest Card 2007 - Advanced handling (different method) for the above effect.

Harrison Transpo - A four-of-a-kind switches with another four-of-a-kind in an impossible way, then switches back.

Quicker Than The Eye - A coin routine where two coins swap places in various ways, often visual, before vanishing in a surprising way.

Back To Basics - Impossible coin routine with the spectator's coin appearing in the performer's pocket, under the performer's watch, under the spectator's watch... and then in the most unexpected place...

Roamin' Romans - Coins are marked I and II. Spectator takes one, performer takes the other. They switch. This is what real magic would be like.

Deal Me In - A three phase gambling presentation with an impossible and magical climax.

Split - The spectator selects any card from a red deck. The card is signed then lost in the deck. It is then found by the spectator is a boxed blue deck they've been holding since the effect started.

Triple Trouble - A card effect with multiple climaxes.

Ascension - An impromptu haunted deck effect.

Don't Hassle The Hof - A variation of the Hofzinser problem.

Harrison Sandwich - A signature effect of mine that catches out magicians and laymen alike. It's a sandwich effect with a climax that nobody sees coming.

Who's Your Mamma? - Two signed cards of different colours switch their colours. Elegantly streamlined to two sleights.

Prehistoric Burp - A visual trick that kids love. The deck transforms into a dinosaur and locates several signed cards in surprising ways.

You Do As She Thinks - One spectator selects and remembers a card. The other spectator takes any card and reverses it in the deck. Somehow they both selected the same card. Devious and deceptive method.

Extras - Some extra sleights.

"So many miracles… ingenious!" – Mike Hwang

"Wow. Every single effect, that's right every one, I can see myself using." – Tom Begley

"This is incredible. Thank you for this genius piece of work Peter." – Cody Gutcher

"It's a superb routine and I can just imagine the reactions you must get with this. Super subtle miracle – I love it!"Dave Forrest

"This is the most insane thing I have ever come across. Peter always has to take things one step further than it has to go. One of the best in the business." – Dan Army

"Peter is magic's best kept secret." – Greg Barrett

"I have one word for this man – GENIUS!" – V. Timlic

"Deal Me In is the best gambling demonstration of the year. Incredible." – Wayne Hamilton

"This man is absolutely killer." – Aleksiz Sances

"Feels like real magic. Genius." – Philip J

"I'm knocked out. The thinking is brilliant" – Charles "Calthrop" McFarlane

"I will be using it for the rest of my life, or at least until real magic is invented." – Jamie Nicholson

1st edition 2013, 146 pages.
word count: 60493 which is equivalent to 241 standard pages of text

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