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Montreal Secret Kufference
by Patrik Kuffs

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Montreal Secret Kufference by Patrik Kuffs

Back Perception
This is a version of the drawing duplication classic plot. If you know me from lecture or in show you know that I hold this theme in high regard and consider it to be a strong plot. It is visual and straightforward, conceptually simple to understand; and when performed with aplomb, absolutely mystifying. What I think I have to offer is not the last word on the subject, but my humble take on the subject, using a specific tool. I have performed this effect over the years for literally hundreds of performances. The method I wish to share with you is one of my favorites for a multitude of reasons. Casting aside the method's cheekiness, Back Perception is a beautiful plot for a stage performer looking for a stunning demonstration that creates great reaction and provides visual impact. It is adaptable to many persona, be it comedic, serious or dark.

P.K. Card Stab
A card is chosen, signed, then lost in the deck, whereupon the pack is swished and swirled face down on the table, creating a veritable mess of cards. "Oh wait. You might think I can still control the cards if I look at them while I'm mixing, so how about if we cover them with a sheet of newspaper." The magician does so, then reaches under the newspaper and continues mixing. "Hang on. Maybe you think I can control the cards by feel! Why don't you mix them up." He lifts the newspaper just enough that the spectator can reach under and swirl the cards around until he is satisfied, then he puts the paper back down on the cards. Introducing a knife, the magician moves it menacingly over the newspaper until a spectator calls "Stop!," whereupon he spears the newspaper at precisely that spot, then tears the paper away from the blade, showing one card skewered - the signed selection!

Dangerous Monte
The magician introduces three lunch-size paper bags, resting in a row on the table before him. Each bag is folded at the top, concealing the contents, and numbered one through three. The magician points to a spectator and asks him to name a number between one and three. Let's say he says, "Three." The magician thanks him, then slams his hand palm down on bag number three, crushing it flat. The bag is empty. The magician turns to a second spectator and asks him pick a number, either one or two. Let's say he says, "Two." The magician thanks him, then slams his hand palm down on bag number two, also crushing it flat. The bag is empty. He sighs, sounding relieved. "That worked out pretty well." He unfolds the mouth of the only remaining bag, then reaches inside and lifts out a beer bottle with the top broken off!

The mentalist presents a demonstration of X-ray vision while blindfolded. This blindfold is obviously very efficient in blocking the performer's sight, since it is an ungimmicked square of aluminium foil. It covers completely the head of the mind reader. In his new Robocopesque look, he is still able to see perfectly everything located in front of him. For the miracle to take place, you only need a roll of aluminium foil and your presentation. That's it. Nothing more.

The mentalist writes a prediction on the back of one of his business cards, and places it face down on the table. He then borrows a spectator's watch, and turns the stem until the spectator decides to stop him whenever he wants. Against all odds, the prediction matches perfectly the time which is now indicated on the watch.

Tossed Out Darts
Patrik has a knack for coming up with strange, offbeat presentations, and this particular item is a perfect example. it's a very entertaining and versatile routine. It involves playing cards and three 'magic wands' but you can perform it without playing cards if you want to.

1st edition 2016, 19 pages.
word count: 9749 which is equivalent to 38 standard pages of text