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More Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups

by Eugene E. Gloye

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More Fantastic Tricks With Plastic Cups by Eugene E. Gloye

Thirty more excellent effects with plastic cups.

  • Introduction
  • Rationale For Using Disposable Cups
  • Folding Or Collapsible Cup
  • Vanishing Cup Of Liquid
  • Additional Folding Cup Ideas
  • Improved Foo Cup
  • Fake Bottom Cup
  • Foo Cup, Continued
  • Vanishing Omelet
  • Transformation Tricks With Eggs
  • Baking Tricks
  • Baking Cup Cakes In Paper Bag
  • Cake In Hat
  • Egg Shampoo
  • Using The Foo Cup For Changes
  • Production Cups
  • Productions Using One Cup
  • Funny Routine With Fruit Punch
  • Thrilling Rice Production
  • Shades Of The Coffee, Milk, And Sugar Trick
  • Magic With New Transparent Solo Cups
  • Liquid Appear Outfit
  • Improved Liquid Appear
  • Liquid Transposition
  • Vanishing Orange
  • Novel Manipulations With The Trick Cups
  • Sealed Liquid Glass
  • Nesting Tubes Production
  • Production From A Newspaper
  • Double-Walled Cup
  • Magical Extraction
  • Master Milk Routine
  • Hypno Cup

1st edition 1980; 1st digital edition 2016, 43 pages.
word count: 19394 which is equivalent to 77 standard pages of text

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