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More Mind Magic
by Michael Daniels


(4 customer ratings) ★★★★

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More Mind Magic by Michael Daniels

"I really like clever principles and if you're also a fan, you'll like this eBook a lot"Michael Kociolek

More Mind Magic is a collection of four mentalism effects that are suited to close-up and especially one-to-one performance.

The first effect, Predetermination, is a completely self-working impromptu effect in which the mentalist correctly predicts the outcome of a card-mixing procedure, even though the spectator freely chooses the procedural steps after the prediction is made.

The second effect, Seven Shooter, is a packet trick with a Russian Roulette plot. The seven firing chambers of a revolver are represented by six blank cards and one BANG card. These are mixed and placed in a face-down pile on the table. The spectator then freely chooses a number which determines the cards (chambers) to be fired. Six blanks are fired, leaving the final BANG card.

In the third effect, Cyclops, the mentalist correctly identifies a sequence of five ESP cards which have been thoroughly mixed and tabled in a face-down pile by the spectator while the mentalist’s back is turned. The cards are not examined until all five cards have been named by the mentalist.

In the final effect, Fatal Prediction, the mentalist writes a sealed prediction. The spectator then rolls a set of normal dice. The total obtained determines which card in a full shuffled deck of 25 ESP cards is selected. The cards are shuffled again and the dice-rolling is repeated to select a second card. The two selected cards exactly match the mentalist’s prediction.

All four effects in More Mind Magic:

  • Are completely or almost self-working.
  • Are 100% successful.
  • Use no stooges, switches, equivoque, peeks, fishing, multiple outs or dual reality.
  • Require no complicated set-ups or difficult memory work.

1st edition 2012, 15 pages.
word count: 4359 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text