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Music for Magicians and Artists Vol. 1 (royalty free)

by Viennamagic

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Music for Magicians and Artists Vol. 1 (royalty free) by Viennamagic

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Included in this MP3 download is music for every type of act: Manipulators, Jugglers, Children's Performers and others. The musical styles vary widely, from slow, serious pieces to upbeat tunes.

There are 16 different pieces, each running between 3 and 5 minutes. The perfect length for magic acts and other performing artists. In addition there is music for Openers, Marches, Fanfares, Announcements and Presentations. Plus a selections of sound effects perfect for magic.

A total of 43 items in all. All original music requiring no fees or licensing for commercial use. So, you can use them any time, anywhere.

  • Rondo Mago
  • Zaratustra
  • Zero Gravity
  • Valse en Extase
  • Juggler's Tune
  • Samba Fantasta
  • Levitate
  • Kid's Show
  • Children's March
  • Intermezzo Oriental
  • Grand Illusion
  • Manhatten Ballroom
  • Magic Boogie
  • Nightmare
  • Magic Blues
  • Bluestrain
  • 3 openers
  • 3 marches
  • 2 finales
  • 5 fanfares
  • 3 announcements
  • 3 presentations
  • 3 gongs
  • 16 other magic sounds

All titles composed, arranged and produced by Martin Wichtl and Gerhard Wessely. Recorded at Soundborn Studios in Vienna. Special guest on "Magic Boogie": Martin Oswatitsch, piano.

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