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Nevil Maskelyne

Nevil Maskelyne

(1863 - 21st September 1924)

Born in England. Eldest son of J.N. Maskelyne from whom he learned in 1886 as apprentice. Father of Jasper. Pro since 1886. Invented the gooseneck (1894) and hoop-passing (1894). Second president of The Magic Circle 1906-24.

He was the manager of Anglo-American Telegraph Company which controlled the Valdemar Poulsen patents. He was an enemy of Guglielmo Marconi in the early days of radio. He argued that radio was not private and thus not secure.

Coauthors: David Devant

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Nevil Maskelyne & David Devant
Our Magic by Nevil Maskelyne & David Devant

Two things are noteworthy. One, it is a must read book for magic theory interested. Two, it has a 20 page bibliographical index of card tricks. This includes sleights as well. Anybody doing research on card moves or routines should have this index. It makes searching a lot easier. And this index might point you to interesting books you have not heard about or which are not in your possession.

Paul Fleming wrote:

For almost half a century, "England's Home of Mystery" in London was the "capital" of the magic world; and for a considerable portion of that period the active operation of this little theater...

★★★★★ $12
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