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New Pentagram Magazine: 10 Tricks from Volume 9
by Aldo Colombini

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New Pentagram Magazine: 10 Tricks from Volume 9 by Aldo Colombini

More magic from the pages of Peter Warlock's legendary magazine.


  • UNTOUCHABLE (Arthur Setterington): A very easy and direct book test.
  • OUT OF SEQUENCE (Francis Haxton): A packet is left on the table and one card selected by a spectator. A card from the packet is chosen and it changes place with the selection.
  • BLANK AMAZEMENT (Francis Haxton): A packet of blank cards reveal a selected card.
  • HARMONY OF THREE (Lyndon B. Wainwright): Two decks of cards. Spectators deal cards and they stop at any time. The top cards of the dealt portions match and you have predicted these cards by having them revealed in envelopes.
  • ANOTHER COUNTDOWN ACES (Max Maven): Four cards are revealed but only one is an Ace. Using the other cards, you reveal the other three Aces.
  • COLOR PENETRATION (Francis Haxton): A red card penetrates through the black cards of the deck and reappears at the spelling of a selected black card.
  • JUBELEE CUPS AND BALLS (Fred Lowe): A clever routine with a cup and three balls with several phases and climaxes.
  • THE REMNANT (Arthur Setterington): A prediction using an envelope and four Jumbo cards.
  • CHROMO-SPHERES (Peter Warlock): A great routine with small balls, as performed by Dai Vernon and Silent Mora. Peter added the color feature to it, making it a unique routine.
  • MY BILLET SWITCH (Peter Warlock): The name says it. An easy and effective bill switch.