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Bitcoin Mining: A Miners Tale

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

I have been actively mining bitcoins since June 2014. I fell in traps, was scammed, insulted, lost money, made money, learned a lot and have now learned to wrestle the beast that is called 'bitcoin mining'. It is not an easy way to make money. It is also not guaranteed that you will make money. It requires time and effort to get to know all the good and bad, the things to stay away from and the strategies that work. In this article I will share the lessons I learned in the hope to get you up to...

The Games I Play

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

I have been using computers from the earliest days of home computers or personal computers, you know the days of the Sinclair ZX81, or the Commodore VC20, Apple IIe, etc. Actually my first real computer was an Apple IIe. Before that I programmed TI and HP calculators. Afterwards I had PCs and then Macs and PCs, and now a couple of decades later my house is filled literally with dozens of computing devices from the latest tablets, to old laptops, etc.

Why did we all want to have a computer?...

Magic Map

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

I am sure many of you traveled to unfamiliar locations asking: "Where can I find here some magic shops, venues, and other magic sites of interest?" My answer to that question is the Magic Locator service. This is a custom Google map. Type an address into the search box and you will see a map where points of interests for magicians are marked. These are:

  • icon magic shop Magic Shops
  • icon showsShows
  • icon lecturesLectures
  • icon conventionsConventions
  • icon historic sitesHistoric Sites
  • icon magic attractionsMagic Attractions (this is the catch all category if no other category is better) ...

Anverdi-type Haunted Card Box

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:2)

In the mid 90s I played around with incorporating electronics into magic. Anverdi had a great idea where a box would close just before a spectator selected card could be placed inside it. I didn't like the mechanics of his box, which was a box for two decks where one half was used for the electronics and the other half for the actual action. The sliding lid of the box would slowly close. Here is a video for the original Anverdi box:

After I read Anverdi's book I could build the variation...

The Many Uses of The Shuber Plates

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

The Shuber Plates are a flexible accessory to protect your playing cards. Two stainless steal plates together with a special rubber band secure your cards regardless of if you want to protect one card or more than a regular deck of cards.

You can not only protect your cards, but you can also use the Shuber Plates to build a pocket card press. Take two large paper clips of the kind shown below.

paper clips

Clip one on each short end of the deck enclosed in the Shuber Plates. Then remove the wire handles from...

Business Card Strategies

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:3)

Over the years I had a couple of pretty lame business cards. You know the kind that your employer issues to you or the ones you print out yourself after an hour of fiddling around with a graphics software. During the last years I did not have a business card. While I am not great at handing out my business card, I do get occasionally asked if I have one, and then I am embarrassed that I don't have one. The most recent such incidence prompted me to get a business card made. But I did not want to...

Cy Endfield's Chess Set

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:3)

Cy Endfield was a film director, magician and inventor. Among his many achievements he created a unique chess set which he patented in 1974 in the US (3,806,128). This chess set, which allows one to interlock all back row pieces into a tube for easy storage, was the official FIDE commemorative chess set for the legendary 1972 chess battle between the American chess genius Bobby Fischer and the Russian protege Boris Spassky.

Cy Endfield chess set

The set was originally made from silver and gilded silver in a limited...

Ebook Reading Devices:
Sony Reader, Kindle, Nook, Que, iPad, iLiad, ...

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:8)

Which Ebook Reader Should It Be?

Executive Summary

  • Best Purchase: SonyReader PRS-600 If you can't wait any longer and want an ebook reader get the SonyReader PRS-600.
  • Best Purchase for Academic Article Reading: Kindle DX Although I don't like the Kindle because it locks you into buying ebooks from Amazon, if you mainly buy it to read academic articles, then the Kindle DX is a fair choice. Academic articles typically come as unsecured...

Magic Knowledge Base - Help

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

Anybody who subscribes to our magic newsletter and has a customer account has access to our Magic Knowledge Base, a full text search engine indexing thousands of magic books, magazines and other items. If you are trying to locate an elusive description of an effect or move, if you are researching magic's history, or if you want to check out an ebook before purchasing, the Magic Knowledge Base will come in handy. It offers features we have not seen in other search engines. Read on. ...

Twisting the Aces

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

"Twisting the Aces" is one of those rare blockbuster card effects which are easy to do and have a very strong visual effect. It was developed by Dai Vernon and uses the Elmsley Count as its primary move. An exceptional trick like this spawns a lot of variations. Everybody is putting his spin on it. I personally learned a variation by Thomas Hierling from Germany from his New Wave Close-up Magic book. It was one of the first tricks I performed that truly and utterly amazed my audience. Over the years I must have done...

Magic Square Effects

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

by Chris Wasshuber

I have been interested in magic squares longer than I have been interested in magic. And I have been interested in magic for a long time. It was actually a close cousin of the magic square, the magic matrix as described by Martin Gardner in one of his mathemagic books, which got me into magic. But that is a story for another day.

In this article I want to explain two simple ways to construct an arbitrary 4x4 magic square.

The easiest method possible

Start out with memorizing...

Largest Origami?

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

On October 19th 1994 I created a giant origami model using a square sheet of paper measuring 6.36 meters on each side. Total weight was 5.45 kg. I made the fold inside the largest paper factory in Austria, Leykam Muerzthaler. I used the entire width of the paper the factory manufactured. Just to cut off a perfectly square piece of such a large piece of paper was a challenge.

Origami Beatle

This happened during my time in Japan. I was exposed to the art of origami and when I returned home for break I wanted...

Non-Evaporative Cheap Portable Air Conditioning

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:0)

I decided to combine some of the ideas I found online how to make a cheap non-evaporative air-conditioner. The basic idea is to blow air through ice or cold water to cool it down. The simplest solution is to fill a cooler with ice and have a fan blow air into the cooler and out from another opening comes cooler air. But that simple solution does not provide a lot of air/ice surface for heat exchange. Particularly once the ice starts melting the pool of water reduces the exchange surface and thus...

The Hunt for Erdnase: The Nickname Theory and the Connection to August Roterberg

Last Update: 11/29/2015 (Replies:1)

by Chris Wasshuber

(This article is a work in progress. I will add and develop certain parts over the coming months.)

The mystery around the authorship of The Expert at the Card Table and who S. W. Erdnase really was, has lead to many theories and lots of speculation. In this article I am offering a completely new theory. I call it the Nickname theory. I will also try to develop the case for August Roterberg's involvement, either as the author himself, which I think is unlikely, or his participation on some level, which I think is...

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