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Created: 11/29/2015

Twisting the Aces

"Twisting the Aces" is one of those rare blockbuster card effects which are easy to do and have a very strong visual effect. It was developed by Dai Vernon and uses the Elmsley Count as its primary move. An exceptional trick like this spawns a lot of variations. Everybody is putting his spin on it. I personally learned a variation by Thomas Hierling from Germany from his New Wave Close-up Magic book. It was one of the first tricks I performed that truly and utterly amazed my audience. Over the years I must have done it hundreds of times. It never fails to entertain.

Etienne Lorenceau from Paris, France, has collected a pretty complete resource list for "Twisting the Aces". If you know of other references please email me or comment below. A big thank you to Etienne who put in the time to make it a lot easier for all of us who want to study this wonderful effect in detail.

Resource List