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by Martin Adams
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Nexus by Martin Adams


Imagine an effect which gives you an opportunity to give a 100% accurate reading on your spectator. The spectator is asked to think of one of seven emotional words. The performer gives a highly accurate reading and as a bonus the performer reveals the thought of word as well.


Harmless is a Russian Roulette type of effect. The spectator is asked to examine six cards, each one has the word 'Click' on one side and 'Bang' on the other. Six envelopes are examined and any card is placed into any envelope as the performer explains that each card represents a bullet and each envelope is the chamber of a gun. The performer instructs the spectator to place one card showing the 'Bang' and the others showing a 'Click' into each envelope. All are mixed up as the performer turns back and attempts to divine which envelope contains the 'Bang' card.

The envelopes can be shuffled by the spectator as many times as he wishes. You always know where is the 'Bang' card.


Sealed is a confabulation type routine without any gimmicks. The performer removes a notepad from his pocket and a pen. He opens the notepad flicks through it and shows it to the audience, it is completely normal. The performer introduces an envelope that is in his pocket and tells the audience that it is going to be important later on.

He askes the first spectator to remove change from his pocket and count it. The spectator does it and names out loud the amount of change. The performer writes down the information. He invites a second spectator to name any country in the world. The second spectator names the country. The performer asks the third spectator to name his favourite color. The spectator calls out his favourite color. At this point the performer gives the notepad to one of the spectators to prove he wrote down only the things that the spectators called out.

Now the performer reaches in his pocket, takes out the sealed envelope. Gives it to one of the spectators, the spectator opens the envelope. There is a piece of paper in there, he reads it out loud and every information is matching. Comes with three handlings.

Chip Cabaret:

The performer introduces 4 poker chips in different colours which are sealed in an aluminium foil. These are mixed by the spectator and the spectator is asked to lay them down to the table in any order. After that the spectator is asked to discard one of the chips. The spectator is asked to place each one in a different pocket.

There is a prediction on the table from the start. The performer reveals where each chip is located, the prediction is opened by the spectator and it contains the color of the chip which was discarded.

Doublethink Remixed:

This is Martin's version of an effect called Doublethink by Derren Brown. This effect uses two spectators the first spectator freely selects a playing card the second spectator just thinks of a card. The performer reveals the selected and the though of card.

1st edition 2009; 29 pages.
word count: 4488 which is equivalent to 17 standard pages of text

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