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Noah's Ark
by Fraser Parker

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Noah's Ark by Fraser Parker

A propless animal guess.

"Do you like mentalism that is propless, fun, quick, and animal-related? Then get Noah's Ark by Fraser. It provides all the above. It is a great method and effect to have in your arsenal, as it can be performed in isolation, or embedded within a larger routine or set." - Ross Bartels

"Noah's Ark is a fun animal guess that makes you feel like a kid again when you perform it. The fun and playfulness of the method will blow the minds of your participants" - Perna

"When Fraser performed his animal guess on me it took me by surprise. It's so casual and the reveal seemingly comes out of nowhere. It feels like the effect hasn't really started. Another wonderful effect from the mind of Fraser Parker!" - Matt Overd

In Noah's Ark you will learn how to guess the animal a spectator is merely thinking of in the most casual way possible, in a matter of seconds.

The spectator jumps from a letter in their thought of animal to a different random letter of the alphabet in order to come up with a name for their animal. They say the name and you are able to instantly begin to guess their animal.

This is a new method from Fraser that is as streamlined as possible. It takes about twenty seconds to get the information needed to secretly know their thought of animal. It's such an easy effect to perform and is fun for both you and the spectator, you will want to perform it every chance you get.

It couldn't be more effortless to perform.

Those who own certain previous work from Fraser will see instantly how they can use this method to guess thought of names and other categories of thought. Noah's Ark will work in any language that has a sequential alphabet.

1st edition 2024, PDF 25 pages.
word count: 6753 which is equivalent to 27 standard pages of text