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Fraser Parker

Fraser Parker is a young thinker who may be new to this game, but he certainly has the right twist of mind for it. Fraser wishes to create magic which looks real or is close to real and would like to also create beautiful moments with the art of magic.


Coauthors: Ross Tayler, Adrien Lochon

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Fraser Parker

Jinn by Fraser ParkerJinn is Fraser’s ingenious solution to the classic card calling plot but with a subtle difference - the spectator performs the mind reading and successfully guesses each and every card.

A deck of cards is shuffled by a spectator and a group of random cards are taken from the top of the deck, sight unseen. These are mixed further by the spectator and then held faces towards themselves.

They look over the cards and a second spectator is able to successfully name each and every card as the first spectator merely thinks of each card.

This can be performed utilizing an assistant or taught...

2020 / 4 / 24

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Fraser Parker

Opus by Fraser Parker
"Fraser Parker is one of the finest thinkers in contemporary mentalism. If you are interested in practical, impressive effects based on subtlety and often breathtaking ingenuity, you will love his work." - Ian Rowland​
Limited to only 200 copies. Contains over 8 hours of video, including thoughts on prop-less as well as a two-part interview with Fraser.

Opus is a "master-class" from Fraser released in video format, detailing his unique approach towards creating believable mind reading. In this video project, he outlines his use of words to create shifts in perception, in order...

2019 / 7 / 9

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Fraser Parker

Ploy by Fraser ParkerPloy is a way to indirectly obtain a piece of information your spectator is only thinking of without them ever having to say it out loud or write anything down.

You perform a thought of card effect where a card is taken out of a deck of normal playing cards, you either guess it exactly or get very close and are then able to automatically and effortlessly divine other information your spectator is merely thinking of, such as, which colour they are focusing on or their star sign, etc.

No this is not the usual ploy of writing on the faces of the playing cards to force a thought but is actually...

2017 / 3 / 21

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Adrien Lochon & Fraser Parker

Paz by Adrien Lochon & Fraser ParkerPaz is from the creative minds of Adrien Lochon and Fraser and is an ingenious way of divining the star sign of a spectator you have only just met.

They simply tell you which areas of their life they would like you to focus on during their reading; Involving Past, Present and Future aspects of their life, specifically. You are always able to not only give an accurate reading of the spectator but always end your demonstration with a perfectly clean divination of their exact star sign.

No letters or characteristics are named and nothing is written down or physically selected. This relies...

2017 / 3 / 21

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Fraser Parker

Seeing Signs by Fraser ParkerSeeing Signs is Fraser's ground breaking solution to the prop-less star sign divination plot, as featured in Peter Turner's PDF course vol. 9: Zodiac Divinations.

Yes, Fraser has done it again. He's applied his ingenious thought process and approach to prop-less mentalism to create one of the most elegant, beautifully streamlined versions of the star sign divination plot - to date.

NO anagrams. NO focusing on specific letters. NO jumping through letters of the alphabet. NO re-frame. NO eye accessing cues. NO maths. NO cards.

This is a classic of mentalism updated for prop-less use and is fully mechanical...

2016 / 9 / 25

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Fraser Parker

Rose by Fraser ParkerRose continues the simple, bold and beautiful approach found in Fraser's limited edition False Messiah.

Fraser is now sharing, for the first time outside of his close circle of friends, his most up to date arrangement for guessing names and star signs completely prop-less.

You say a few lines of scripting and you are able to instantly divine practically anything the spectator is thinking of. Method and effect work seamlessly together to create a bold and beautiful deception that relies on fooling those who you perform for via perception.

No naming of letters, anagrams or running through...

2016 / 6 / 25

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Fraser Parker

Sync by Fraser ParkerSync is the perfect method for guessing a name completely prop-less.

I recently went back to my notebooks to an older idea I had for guessing a name without the spectator ever having to say a word and after a few days of playing with scripting all of the pieces of the jigsaw finally fell into place.

It is now possible to guess any name or word thought of by the spectator without them ever having to name letters or words associated with letters from the name - in fact, they can stay completely silent throughout the entire process.

The method itself is pure simplicity and is possibly...

2015 / 11 / 27

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Ross Tayler & Fraser Parker

Ouija: billet-less name guess by Ross Tayler & Fraser ParkerAs close to real billet-less name guess.

Imagine... In the course of a routine, during a close up performance, you get the spectator to focus on the name of someone close to them. They name a few random letters, including letters from the name. The name is not written down anywhere and exists only in their mind. And you instantly tell them the name they are thinking of.

This is exactly what you DO. There are no billets, tears or peeks. Simply the words you use and the illusion they create, are all you need to be able to accurately guess a name, most of the time. Like real mind reading,...

2015 / 5 / 8

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Fraser Parker

Utsukushii by Fraser ParkerUtsukushii, the billet-less pin reveal, is a sure fire way to guess a single digit number someone is only thinking of, without anything having to be written down or props of any kind. It can then be used to work out other numbers such as pin codes, phone locks and entire phone numbers. If you would like to be able to reveal the pin numbers of strangers you meet or guess numbers which only exist as thoughts in a person's mind, using only words, then this method is for you. NO dual reality is used. NO stooges or instant stooges. It can be used close up or on stage with a 100% success rate. It's...
2015 / 1 / 4

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Fraser Parker

True Mysteries by Fraser Parker
"I just finished editing Fraser Parker's book 'True Mysteries'. I can honestly say I would put this right up there with Luke Jermay's '7 Deceptions' without question. Fraser Parker is about to become as recognized for making the impossible possible as Luke Jermay. I am proud to call Mr. Parker my true Student. Anyone who studies or appreciates my work needs to have this book and read it more than once!" - Kenton Knepper
High praise indeed, and yet possibly understated, given what is in this new work. It's nearly impossible to overstate what is in this ebook.

You may already know Fraser Parker from...

2012 / 1 / 7

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